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Winter Rainfall

JUNE 2013

SERGE FÉRIGOULE of DOMAINE LE SANG DES CAILLOUX at VACQUEYRAS reports the winter rainfall as a whopping 754 mm (30 inches), with 130 mm (5.2 in) in May 2013 alone. Temperatures across the SOUTHERN RHÔNE remain cool, often struggling to exceed 20-22°C, and the vineyards are regarded as being three weeks behind their usual dates. “The Mistral is blowing now,” stated SERGE, there is sun, and at least we are not getting South Winds that would encourage mildew.”

From the NORTHERN RHÔNE, JACQUES GRANGE, Supremo at DELAS, told me a similar story in graphic terms: “well, the vineyard is the same as it was three weeks ago – it has not budged. In last the three weeks of May we have had just 5 cm of growth on the branches, something I have never seen before – it is like a Still Life painting. We have done one tying up (attachage) of the shoots, but need sun and temperatures to improve. We have debudded, have worked the soils, and can’t do anything more for now. It’s been cold, and raining a lot, needless to say,” he concluded.