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w.o.w wines

JEAN-MICHEL STÉPHAN, a notable organic presence at CÔTE-RÔTIE with his devotion to the old Sérine version of Syrah, which he propagates by hand cutting. He is also a very low SO2 user, and follows the practices of Jules Chauvet from the Beaujolais. His wine is more often STGT, but his 2015 VIN DE FRANCE SYRAH is a Rock on Tommy, w.o.w. wine

The w.o.w. category is all about fun, and thus the true, original intention of wine, after all. Gigondas is the modern term for the Roman Jocunditas - the village where the holidaying centurions and Roman soldiers could be jocund, the word defined in my Oxford dictionary as meaning "merry" - yes - "cheerful" - yes - and "sprightly" - well, give me a few more years before that strictly applies, please.

w.o.w. means "what one wants". It is a wine that immediately declares its pleasure. Its easy to drink nature stands out, and one feels no shame in having a second glass. It provides immediate joie and lends to conviviality among friends, or breaks the ice with strangers - "well, this is good, what is it?"

w.o.w. is also a big winner in restaurants, bars or bistrots. It is exactly the sort of wine one wants to enjoy with a variety of dishes, a safe bet to provide fruit and entertainment, whatever the circumstances. Texture will always play a prominent role in the wine - the tannins will be securely absorbed, the feel will be smooth and even possibly beguiling.

It is therefore logical that many of these w.o.w. wines are inexpensive, within reach of all, their fun an open book.

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