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LVT 2018 r 4 hectares, a domaine purchased in 2011, the vineyard re-planted and revived, on a very good site called Les Côtes. The now restored house was known locally as the Maison des Chiens Maigres [the House of the Thin Dogs], because the old owner was a chasseur-hunter, and his dogs were always thin. It’s a partnership between an American sommelier who worked in California and New York and a Frenchman. The Syrah is on the highest land. The cellar was renewed in 2016. The Vinsobres red has a nice and relaxed style, with a hint of oaking, the emphasis on quality fruit. The 2018 was a **** wine.

Victor Taylor Les Côtes Serre Besson 26110 Vinsobres

Tel: +33(0)6 35 77 50 64