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The Wines

65-70% Marsanne (mid-1980s), 25-30% Viognier (late 1990s), 5-8% Roussanne, the Marsanne, Viognier steel vat fermented, raised 10-11 months, Roussanne harvested in November, part 225-litre oak cask fermented for 3-4 months, then 90% steel vat, 10% 1-year 225-litre oak cask raised 6-8 months, malo not usually completed, organic wine, 5,000 b


fine yellow robe; this is a refined bouquet, really elegant, has a pinpoint aroma of white fruits, a grapey note with peach present, touches of salt. The palate is also elegant, gives a caress of white fruits, pear and peach, with a note of tang from the Marsanne towards the finish, a spearmint association. It is discreetly lined with carbonic gas. It’s a grand aperitif, w.o.w. wine, with floral dabs, a little late butteriness from the oak. I would be getting on and enjoying its young purity now. 13.5°. 2022 Dec 2020


shiny yellow with a flesh of pear fruit colour; the bouquet is comfortable, offers cooked citrus fruit with a tender nature as it evolves, shows aniseed-licorice, greengage plum. It’s harmonious, with salted dabs. The palate delivers well, a good funnel of white fruits, tasty richness and enjoyable slightly jam notes towards the finish. There are hints of oak on the aftertaste – it’s grapey there, with a neat flourish of tangerine-mandarin on the finish. It’s well made, stylish, enjoyable, is drinking well now. 13.5°. 2023-24 May 2020


pale, cream colour. This has a soft pear aroma, light banana, glazed fruits – the fruit aromas all pretty ensemble. The palate leads on a very ripe peach with a citrus tang in it, some salt. It shows late gras richness. A sturdy white suited to food rather than solo drinking; it has a tangy ripeness – tasted blind, I am not surprised it is largely Marsanne when seeing what it is – and a fat mid-palate richness as well. It is slightly contrived for impact, but will go with soft cheese, pastas and the like. 13.5°. €4.45 export. 2016-17  Oct 2013