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The Wines

50-70% Grenache (1980, 17 rows, 30-50% Syrah (19 rows, 1980) from 0.8 hectare on loose sandy slopes at Sarrians, destemmed, only wild yeasts, 2-week vinification, daily pumping overs, 1-2 part vat emptying/refillings, 65% concrete vat raised 12 months, 35% large barrel raised 6 months, then concrete vat 6 months, unfined, unfiltered, first wine 1991, 4,700-6,000 b


(vat, bottling April 2018) plum-toned red colour. There is prominent spicing, a real fest of pepperiness, on the nose, a backdrop of cooked plums, lots of cloves. The palate is busty, butty, with the constant pepperiness. The tannins are a bit dry, sudden. This is a little angular, not fully made yet, is raw. 13°. “The Grenache wasn’t ripe enough, so there were dry tannins. The grapes were very large, and they had to be picked before they started to rot,” Guy Ricard. From mid-2019. To 2025 March 2018

2015 ()

red robe, touch of ruby. Strawberry jam, peppered nose here, a neat roundness in the fruit aroma, has a good curve. The palate is upstanding, carries firm tannins within, good structure and potential. This holds good fluid content and a tasty, spiced flavour on red fruits, soaked strawberries notably. “The two varieties were both well ripened, as opposed to 2016,” Guy Ricard. 14°, a whole 1° higher and therefore riper than the 2016. 2025-26 March 2018

2013 ()

plum red colour. The nose is attractive, round, peppery with supple red berry airs, flowers: it is very true, local. The palate is spiced, clove and plum fruited, a real dose of fresh pepper running through it. This has character, and the palate is STGT wine. It is most engaging, a thinker’s wine with no false make-up, for red meats. 13°. 70% Gren, 30% Syr. 2020-21 July 2016


2 bottles tasted. 1st bottle: dry acidity palate, hang dog nose with fruit, but unconvincing. Bottle 2: dark red colour. Spicy aroma, with traces of tea and stewed plums, has nice lift. The palate bundles up its gras in a good, traditional way. Full-hearted tannins impose towards the finish. A wine for country drinkers, chasseurs, outdoor sportspeople with commensurate country dishes. The finish is a good combination of plum, flowers and white pepper, typical of here. Full-bodied, traditional wine. €6.80. 2016-17  May 2013


full, quite dark red. The nose has a blend of black fruits in it, a licorice rim and some smoke at its core, is still compact. Black fruits on the palate have an immediate pepper grain and taste. It carries the “dark” nature of the vintage, but is more rounded at the end than the vin de pays. There is a fresh, pebbly hauteur as it closes. It's a bit stiff. 13.5°. To 2012. Guy changed his mind here – he was going to put this all (only 25 hl this year) into the vin de pays. Nov 2008


good core to the robe – quite a dark red plum. Has a broad bouquet with a little sweetness and a trace of tar. The palate is ready now. It is a wide-walled wine with a marked pepper interior. It ends markedly on a licorice imprint, a very Syrah moment. Do not drink solo – food such as grilled foods best. To 2010. Jan 2008