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The Wines

60% Grenache, 20-30% Cinsault, 5-15% Syrah, 5-10% Mourvèdre, av age 30 years, from sandy, clay galet stone covered soils and limestone-sand soils, 24 hour cold maceration, free run and press juice blended, varieties fermented apart at 13°-18°C 6-10 days, raised concrete vats 5-10 months, malo blocked, fined, filtered, “drink with white meat, grilled fish, cheese, aubergines in a tomato sauce, sushi, Provençal, Asian & spiced cuisine”, organic wine, 40-120,000 b


firm pink robe, quite a rich aspect. The bouquet presents a concerted air of strawberry fruit with a sweet layering from thee ripeness, has a note of grilling, too. There’s weight in it. The palate is broad and rolling, well-lined with ample red fruits and a lip-smacking texture. It runs firmly and fully to the finish, achieves style in its late juice, and is set to be paired with pork, spiced dishes, soft cheese. It’s a genuine Tavel. 14.5°. 2022 June 2020


red robe with a tint of orange. Elderberry with a note of spicing leads the nose, an inset of redcurrant fruit, a direct funnel of that. The palate bears spiced red fruits, with a pocket of gras at its centre, before a more tangy finale. It drinks now, without a long horizon ahead, lacks lift. The length is fair, and it can accompany garlic-based dishes, spiced Chinese cuisine. 14°. To mid-2020 May 2019

2016 ()

attractive coral pink robe. The nose has a curvy, appealing air of strawberry coulis; it is elegant, and accompanied by light licorice, sea salt, some garrigue herbs. The palate attack is mild, squeezy; it carries a little reduction, but can open out as it breathes. It runs with soft red fruits, is a gentle Tavel. There is good grip on the finish. This is velvet wine with a little iron. It will drink well with Provençal vegetable dishes such as tomatoes farçies, stuffed aubergines. 14°. 40,000 b. €9.50 at the cellars. To 2019 June 2017


shiny red-tinted robe. The nose offers a soft air of red fruits, red berries with a trail of sweetness and a dried herbs presence. It fills the glass pretty well. The palate sequels faithfully from the nose, via a supple red fruited content, and a mild texture on the finish. Steady Tavel, fair body, no real frills. 14.5°. 60% Gren, 20% Cins, 10% Syr, 10% Mourv. €9.50 at the cellars. 2017-18  May 2016 


pink robe, all sound. There is a varied, lively bouquet here: a good bundle of garrigue herbs, rocky outcrop airs combine with redcurrant, red cherry. Big local typicity is shown. The palate carries a seasoned red fruit flavour with a lip-smack, slightly toffee quality. This is STGT Tavel. Drink with couscous, lamb tajine, pork dishes. It will love garlic-inspired dishes. It is right there now. The finish is spiced. 14.5°. To 2017 Jun 2015


orange-tinted pink robe. Thyme, garrigue herbs are strewn across the nose, quince and redcurrant fruit also present. This is a good, clean start, pretty local, STGT in style. The palate has a rocky outcrop mineral tint in it, based around supple Grenache red fruit which is all ready to go now. It gains a dusting of herbs towards the finish, where there are flinty, smoky notes, crushed tones. The aftertaste brings forward red cherry, a snap of quince. This is STGT wine that holds up well, and I like the well-judged blend: 60% Gren, 30% Cins, 5% each Syr, Mourv this year. 2015-16  May 2013


red-tinted robe; candy-acetate style aroma, red cherry – this nose “glistens”, and is square in shape. Broad palate; mini-red wine style that Syrah and Mourvèdre influencing it. A big, modern wine more on size than charm. Effective, can be decanted. Quite a lot of cellar work here. Food best – white meats, pork, veal, or brandade (cod), a papeton d'aubergine, Asiatic cuisine. Can be decanted. To 2014 July 2011

2008 ()

pink robe with red tints; has a spiced, upright bouquet – a direct line of fruit comes out, with the sense of baked stones. The palate red fruits have a burst of energy, a live nature, and this ends freshly. It is a bit tight post-bottling two weeks ago. The length is correct, and the red fruit revives. It isn't quite together as yet – drink from May 2009. 2010-11 March 2009

2007 ()

very pale cherry red; has a big shouldered aroma – this is a Tavel of structure, for food. There is red cherry fruit in the bouquet, and the colour denotes Syrah and Mourvèdre here. The palate has the shape and depth of a cleanly made red wine that has been briefly vinified. The texture is good and smooth, its elements are all together, with no jagged areas. Ends a little sweetly. Its full, stone fruit flavour would be a fine match for veal, poultry, North African cuisine – couscous with tomatoes and cucumbers, for instance. Round, and full to the finish. To 2010. June 2008


marked red tone to the robe; fresh, bright red cherry aroma with agreeable width - a mini red wine nose in style. Intense by design on the palate – more on the front than late palate. A little late richness and sweetness. Food best, rather than aperitif – but not fish or saucisson. Needs soft foods – chicken, veal, for instance. June 2007


restrained bouquet, holding back, pebbly stones effect denoting some heat. Agreeable, direct fruit on start. Finish is edgy, some burning here. The heat within is overdone and distracting. Another 14° on label wine, to its detriment. May 2006, London