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The Wines

Syrah (late 1970s-early 1980s) from 1.5 hectare, & 0.2 hectare (2010s) on galet stone soils on Les Chassis at Pont de l’Isère, destemmed, 3 week vinification, daily cap punching, 2 daily pumping overs, aged 4-6 year 225 & 228-litre oak casks 9-10 months, filtered, 2,115-4,299 b

2019 ()

full, dark red; the bouquet has a floral, sweet intensity, resembles a line of pastille fruits, blackberry and raspberry, with licorice. There’s a hint of reduction, so allow it to air. The palate starts softly, has an easy texture, a tasty debut, with its berry fruits willing, open, until a more grainy finale. It’s a self contained, rounded, homely Crozes, suited to country dishes, has been made without excess cellar intervention. 13.5°. 4,682 b. Harvested 13, 15 September. To 2023 Jan 2021


full, dark robe; the bouquet comes with notes of black olives, the South, the fruit resembling prune, blackberry jam. Its density reflects the hot summer. The palate has an agreeable, rather inky make-up, its black fruit liberal and nicely busy. The tannins are ripe, fit in well. This is genuine Crozes, drinks just as it should – freely and enjoyably. There is a little note of salt and a touch of tannin grain on the finish. 13°. 4,299 b. €14.50. From spring 2020. 2030-31 Nov 2019


full, dark red colour; the nose is deep, inset with black, ripe blackcurrant fruit, a note of blackberry coulis. The palate engages immediately, travels with tasty black berry fruits and a set of salted tannins that give it good freshness towards the close. This is accomplished, modern, direct Crozes with some fine detail in it. It can expand and amplify a little more, too. The length is good. It is bottled already. 13°. 4,299 b. €14.50. From mid-2019. 2028-30 Dec 2018


dark red. Has a smoky, uplifting nose, shows a wee note of game, a rounded air of mulled blackberry. The palate starts quietly, holds elegant fruit and attractive tannin to keep it going. It is relatively delicate but true. 13°. €13. To 2019  Dec 2015


very dark robe. Supple, gourmand nose with a sweet front, and an enjoyable air of ripe black berry fruit. The palate is also on the rich side, in an obvious and immediate way. It has a little floral covering that works well with the squeezy red berry, soaked strawberry flavour. It gathers in a little tannin as it finishes, with some lip smack, a touch of vegetal-graininess on the sign-off, which slightly spoils it. 12.5°. 2,115 b this year. To 2018.  Jan 2015


sombre, quite dark robe, a little matt in its tone. A lightly fragrant air features above an aroma of mulled raspberry, dark red fruits. The palate has a nice ease about it, as if this has northern zone prompts with its elegance and quiet reserve. It picks its way along carefully: expect to pause and think about this. It holds plum and strawberry sweet-toned fruit with a discreet clinch of mineral, crushed stone influence. Nicely intricate. From late 2014. 12.5°. €12.50 at cellars. 2018-19  Nov 2013