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The Wines

100% Marsanne (1994, 2009-10) from granite soils on Barras, steel vat-fermented, 50% steel vat raised, 50% 4-5 year 228-litre oak cask fermented, raised 9-10 months, malo completed (raising 10-11 months until late 2000s), wide bottle, filtered, 3-4,000 b

2018 ()

fine yellow; the nose gives mandarin, tropical fruit, melon, is a good, grapey start, has a hint of fennel, cut. The palate has a tender opening, apricot, vanilla touches, discreet spine that keeps it on track, floral moments, peach late on. This is serene, tuneful, has honeyed notes. It’s table wine over solo drinking. 13.5°. 2023-24 Dec 2019


bright yellow robe. The nose has a smoky top note, with an air of exotic fruits such as mango and guava in a good, stylish depth. The palate moves with an easy flow of tangy, typical Marsanne flavours such as orange, also quince, delivers a white tobacco, smoked point, on the finish. It has been made with maximum restraint. Its suave texture will please. Has enough body for pork dishes, for example. 13.5°. To 2021 Nov 2017


shiny yellow robe. Lime and mandarin lead a fresh, nicely founded bouquet. Guava jelly and a hint of the exotic also feature, and a hint of reduction. The palate bears good, stylish, rolling gras with enjoyable juiciness that follows it well to the finish. It is right on the go now, and has a little infused tea, camomile with honey and a dab of salt, on the finish. It’s a good all-rounder, a good example of trim, orderly Saint-Péray. 13°. 3,000 b. 2019-20 Oct 2016

2014 ()

fine yellow robe. The bouquet has a creamy nature, an air of flan, nuts, perhaps greengage plum. The palate is compact, not yet truly unfurled. There is a pocket of fine richness on the aftertaste, and this can develop gradually. The flavour reminds me of peach jelly, with a slight floral note. A wine of some detail, which skims along in the modern vein. 13.5°. From 2016. 2020-21  Oct 2015


2 bottles tasted: 1st bottle: shiny, pale yellow. The first air is sleek, but the fruit is subdued, gives a cocktail of lime, quince, also vanilla and honeysuckle. The debut is creamy, shows a little acidity and lactic, sour notes. Palate problems here. 2nd bottle: pale yellow. Has an authentic Marsanne aroma – hazelnut, peach, light butter. The palate start is soft, waxen, gives a pliant compote, stewed fruits flavour. A tender wine, with easy, supple gras richness inside it. The finale is round, and also some tang and late spice. Its mild richness makes it easy to drink, with hors d’oeuvres, for example. 13.5°. 2017-18  Nov 2013

2011 ()

pale yellow colour. Buttery, cooked white fruits air, pear in the lead. It has a quiet mineral tone. The palate starts softly, shows the fine fruit of 2011, apricot and peach in the flavour, with a vanilla-flan coating afterwards. It is easy going along the palate, favours drinking with food over the aperitif, and clearly defined dishes – steamed fish would suit, Japanese cuisine, cold meats. Rather an attractive, serene wine. 13.5°. 35 h/ha. 2017-18  Nov 2012


pale yellow. Orange marmalade, pronounced Marsanne nose, combines honey, dried fruits. Has a white jam leading flavour with a good, ripe mid-palate. There is a nice gourmand side to this, agreeable fat. Food best rather than aperitif – chicken, spiced foods. From late 2010 will be more varied, have more grip. To 2015 Dec 2009

2007 ()

pale yellow, clear robe; oak traverses the glass, leaves a constant trail behind it, the fruit imprisoned by it; also ginger stems in the air here. The palate has a spiced start, comes out with a sound little point of gras richness, and ends on a firmer, more oaked note. The palate is ahead of the nose. Try from spring 2010 for less oak impact. I regret the use of a Heavy Bottle for this – BOO, Stéphane! 13°. 2013-14 March 2009


light spice, apricot aroma that floats nicely, is nutty and vivacious. Easy harmony on palate, sets up shop then stops a bit early. Subdued, salted finish. The richness is elegant, is a subtle wine. Serve with refined food, nothing too strongly flavoured. To 2009-10. June 2006


greengage, melted butter bouquet with some freshness in it, good lift, a pretty start. Elegant, buttery palate with bonny fruit, and good length. Holds a genuine mineral tang on the finish, with the flavour of pear and dried fruits. Fine wine, good for aperitif as well as food. STGT. To 2008-09 Dec 2004

2002 ()

fresh, light nuts nose; decent warmth, fresh outer edge. Tangy, dried fruits end. Touch sharp, but live, direct wine.