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The Wines

100% Roussanne, vat fermented, raised

2018 ()

yellow robe; cooked apple, pear notes on the nose. The palate has a stewed fruits, compote flavour, is a bit ordinary, has fleshy content, a late note of tannin. It’s disorganised. 13.5°. Bottled March 2019. 2021-22 Dec 2019


markedly yellow, rich aspect. Baked white fruit, vanilla aroma – the bouquet travels down rather than up in direction, is a bit droopy. The palate has a baked apple flavour, the texture is quite rich, but the wine is rather clumsy. It doesn`t show really confirmed flavouring and matter. The salty late moments are true Roussanne (tasted blind). Best with foods such as chicken. 2014-15 July 2010

2007 ()

full yellow, very pale gold robe; fresh, interesting nose – banana and white plum, greengage. The palate is honeyed, with an agreeable earthiness, and late saltiness. There are local virtues here – this is not a mainstream white wine. It will be good with mushroom dishes, pastas, soft cheeses. Good late tang. This is structured to evolve, has an STGT style. 13°. To 2013. March 2009


a little yellow in the robe; buttery, rather creamy bouquet – hazelnut, apricot, ripe rose flowers. There are flecks of orange or orange peel in quite a full palate, marked by a buttery flavour. The length is correct – this has a fresh, quite clear end. It tapers a touch, is a little oxidative, but will do well in the CHR trade – aperitif or easy-flavoured foods. Sympa, early wine. 13°. 2009-10. Jan 2008

2002 ()

tart white fruit nose; fairly rich fruit, quite refined texture, zesty end.


apricot, light spice bouquet. Elegant, nutty, directed flavour. Refined, alert, noticeably more acidity than the Marsanne Saint-Péray.