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LVT 2018 wh 2017 r Historically, the most important domaine at St-Péray. The Chabouds have defended the appellation and kept the private domaine side going. They have always grown Roussanne along with Marsanne. The Roussanne wines are fresh, refined and spiced. The Marsannes show honey aromas, white fruit flavours.

The wines have not been up to the mark recently, with winemaking errors, lack of freshness, a litany of issues. However, help arrived in time for the 2019 harvest in the form of Charlène Cellier, the ex-oenologue of Paul Jaboulet Aîné who is from Saint-Péray, and owns a few vines. Her husband is the caviste at Delas. Stéphan is most enthused by the vineyards, so Charlène is taking care of vinifications, and expect quality to rise.

Matters would also be improved if there were fewer cuvées. They also make three sparkling St-Pérays, which are reliable in that not very inspiring genre. The Cornas Vieilles Vignes Réserve can live for 10-14 years, but excess new oak, clumsily applied, hurt the otherwise good 2017. The Saint-Joseph and the Crozes-Hermitage reds are light and easy to drink.

Stéphan Chaboud, Charlène Cellier 21 rue Ferdinand Mallet 07130 St-Péray

Tel: +33(0)475 40 31 63


Countries exported to:1) Netherlands 2) Quebec 3) Japan

Percentage Exported: 10%