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LVT 2017 r 2018 wh Modern style St-Joseph reds from the northern sector, marked by oak and grilled aspects. St-Joseph Cuvée des Anges, the top St Jo red, should be drunk after four to five years to allow integration beyond the oak. Condrieu Pagus Luminis, **** in 2015, is usually more elegant than Brèze, the latter a full-on Condrieu in the modern vein of oak and very ripe crop: these roles were reversed in 2018, however, the Brèze quietly complex **** wine, the Pagus a heavy *** wine. Louis is also active in the re-activated schist vineyard of Seyssuel, north of Vienne, with good Syrahs from there; the top one by some way is the Saxeolum, a wine of character and good terroir. The vins de pays or VSIG wines are sound, notably the Marsanne, also the Viognier. The domaine has a large regional following, and now is a large producer, amounting to hundreds of thousands of bottles: hence going for the more elite wines makes sense.

Pangon 07340 Limony

Tel: +33(0)475 34 02 88



Countries exported to:1) Scandinavia 2) Belgium 3) GB - formerly 1) USA 2) GB 3) Belgium

Percentage Exported: 20%, down from 33%

British Importers: Champagnes & Châteaux 11 Calico House Plantation Wharf London SW11 3TN +44(0)207 326 9655 www.champagnesandchateaux.co.uk info@champagnesandchateaux.co.uk

USA Importers: JAE Imports Jack Edwards 18 Harvard Lane Napa CA 94558 +1707 246 5401 jack@jaewineimports.com www.jaewineimports.com