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The Wines

100% Syrah (av age 33 years) from granite hillside & plateau soils, hand harvested, destemmed, 3 week vinification, daily pumping overs, aged 2-year oak casks 12 months, fined, filtered, "drink with game, white meat, cheese", 10-17,000 b

2018 ()

dark robe, more black than red. The bouquet gives a rather punchy aroma of black cherry fruit coulis, prune, the fruit “high”; it has a chocolate depth to it. The palate is full of soaked fruits, is wide and rolling, endowed with thick content, persists fully, the finish a layered affair with ripe tannins adding to the depth. The flavour centres on black Morello cherry. It’s a mature style of St Jo, suited to stews. 13°. 16,400 b. €16. From mid-2020. 2030-32 Nov 2019

2017 ()

(casks) dark red colour, black centre. The bouquet is ripely fruited, to the extent of showing damp forest floor, sultry overhang, a floral note. It’s not a jack in the box of freshness. The palate combines suave black fruits, cassis, with mild oaking – they run in tandem, the tannins ripe and providing a little extra spot of density. This drinks with calm assurance, has a touch of the mineral coolness of rocky soils through it. The aftertaste is tasty, since the fruit lasts there. 13°. From spring 2019. 2029-31  Dec 2018

2012 ()

dark, full robe. Oily, wavy blackberry fruit, a jam-coulis sweet aspect, stewed fruits in the nose, oak in behind. The palate bears soaked fruits, has a rather fat take on life, with a salty pick-up as it goes. Well-textured, its gras richness and depth are up to stews, thorough flavours. It ends with round, full carry, mixes ripe fruit and toothsome clarity well. The oak is just OK. From 2015 to allow oak fusion. 13°. €9 export. 10,000 b. 2019-20 Nov 2013

2008 ()

tender red, slight mauve in it. The nose is reticent but not especially deep – this has been bottled only one week ago – its black fruit is hiding and prune and ripe berry come attached. Forward, fragile black fruit starts the palate; it is direct after half way, a bit rigorous. It needs leaving for 12-15 months to drop off its end acidity, so drink from early 2011. To 2014. Nov 2009

2007 ()

black centre to robe, lighter top. Perfumed nose, with rounded black fruit, is three-quarter depth, has an easy charm. The palate fruit is tannic – small black berries with licorice in it - and oak effects later. It ends securely, and can soften its finish. Nice local wine that ends on a good, smoky note. 13°. To 2015. Nov 2009


dark, quite bright robe; the bouquet has a square shape, a meaty tone - comes with a touch of violet in the air, and a fundamental earthy side mixed in with its oak. Oak and a grilled thread run through its black fruits on the palate; this has northern zone tension in it, which is constructive for the wine. There is a ripe fruit policy here, some later picking (tasted blind). It ends a little flat. From 2009 to allow the oak to enter. The inner core is quite rich, so it can make it. 2014-15 Dec 2007


sound robe; light pepper, black fruit bouquet, some content. Soft, chaptalised texture, black fruit with some pepper sharpening it. Perfectly agreeable lunch wine. Has some sinew, maybe more rounded late 2005. Some licorice on finish. Has done better since first tried in cask. 2010 Dec 2004 Previously (cask) **(*) pepper, direct aroma, local zone style; light red fruit, pepper on palate.

2001 ()

quite earthy, solid nose; suave fruit, well directed, it´s peppery and lively. Liquorice end. Could have a bit more flesh.