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The Wines

50% Grenache, 20% Cinsault, 10-15% Clairette blanche, 5-15% Syrah, 0-10% Picpoul from clay-limestone soils on Les Vestides, av age 50 years, night harvesting, 24-36 hour maceration, fermented at 18-21°C, wild yeasts, vat raised 5-6 months, lees stirred, malo blocked, filtered, 60 mg/litre SO2, organic, biodynamic wine, “drink as aperitif, with fish, Mediterranean, spiced dishes, tajines, vegetable tian, daurade in tin foil, chocolate cake, desserts”, 15-20,000 b


gentle red robe; the bouquet has a breezy style, leads on fresh strawberry fruit, with a note of pear drop and a touch of sweetness behind. The palate eases along well with its soft texture a benefit. The fruit has a piercing nature, a red berry essence, and lasts well, delivers intensity on the close. The aftertaste is clear, well struck. There are notes of carbonic gas through it. This has character, and sits well between the ripeness of the vintage and the freshness of well managed vineyards. 13°. 2022-23 July 2020


lustrous, appealing red colour. The nose shows reduction, so decant it. There’s a sunny filling of red berry fruit with a stylish sweetness, a pleasing “gleam” in the fruit. The palate links well, continues the hand-out of sunny, nicely ripe red fruit flavours with a nourishing succulence along the second half. It ends with a lip smack generosity. This is right in the zone for full flavoured fish such as monkfish, sea bass, halibut, salmon, and pork will also suit very well. It’s a good table all-rounder. 13°. 50% Gren, 20% Cins, 15% Clair bl, 15% Syrah. To 2021 May 2019

2017 ()

red, cherry red robe; Sweet n’neat red fruits line up on the nose, an engaging strawberry coulis aroma leading. It’s nice and immediate, and broad, shows dried herbes de Provence, is clear. The palate hands out a charming delivery of red berry fruit, good and tasty, has a toffee-like sweetness along the second half, a squeezy feel there. There’s a touch of carbonic gas within to illuminate its path. The length is sound. Good for veal, mushroom risottos, tajine. It has fine bone, good shape, is nicely grounded, ends on a cluster of mild weight. 13° 50% Grenache noir, 20% Cinsault, 15% Clairette, 15% Syrah. To 2020 Sept 2018

2016 ()

pale pink colour; the nose is fresh, based on strawberry, bright redcurrant fruits, shimmers of salt and mixed dried herbs. This is a tight affair on the palate – it comes with fine red berry fruit, a note of rose-hip, and an iron-like casing around them. The fine acidity nature (acidulé) of the wine renders it brisk, on the ledge. It’s not that easy to get into, being rather reserved, spare, but pure enough. More obvious gras and fat would aid it. The garrigue influence here is correct, though, so drink with sea bass, daurade in fennel, for instance. It actually is a rare Tavel that makes a bonny aperitif, so consider that option. 13°. 20,000 b. 50% Gren, 20% Cins, 15% Clair bl, 15% Syr. 2019-20 June 2017


attractive red robe with pink near the top. The nose leads on a salty, lime fruited, slightly edgy make-up. There are notes of violets, and strawberry coulis within. The palate is on the instant, brief and to the point, although it finishes with more content than the attack would imply. It is agreeably fresh, with its red fruits clearly defined. Slightly out of the loop, but interesting – it requires attention rather than fast drinking back. Steamed fish suited. 13°. 15,000 b. 2018  May 2016 

2014 ()

red-flecked robe. The nose is live, and offers plenty, led by red cherries, redcurrants that have a jello nature and a note of cassis bud. The palate is bitter on the attack, is thoroughly concentrated, but air allows the bitter note to recede. This is an unusual profile. It develops a cassis liqueur nature as it goes. Away from the mainstream Tavel, with its own I Walk Alone character. Very much up for full flavoured dishes, spiced dishes, Thai recipes, with coconut, coriander, lemon grass influences. 13°. 50% Grenache noir, 20% Cinsault, 15% Clairette, 15% Syrah. 2018-19  Jun 2015


quite a dark pink; red fruit jelly, fat, open nose, shows soaked cherries, a little air of quince paté, smoky Chinese tea. The palate has a robust, wide debut: this is a wine of scale, like a red wine. its flavour well-grounded. It remains constant, centred on red berries, with some surge after half way, and isn’t stopping when it finishes. Good for aioli foods, Provençal dishes. Shows a start of evolution on the finish, possible a small amount of 2011 (legitimately) included. 13.5°. To 2015.  May 2013

2011 ()

red tinted robe. The nose is broad, offers red cherry fruit with an implication of local herbs and plants – lavender, fennel. The palate is mildly sweet, very drinkable. Holds nice, calm red fruit. It ends tidily, a mix of roundness and firmness. 13°. To 2014  April 2012

2010 ()

pale pink, orange tints; baked tart, red fruits, quiet nose, but it has potential, has a wee herbal and floral note. The palate connects well to the nose, is a slow-burn affair, has a good core, comes with soft red fruits, jam touches, is an easy drinker solo. Has come out more since March. Traditional Tavel, not flattering to try to be a rosé de Provence. Thus it has heart, pebble tannin. The length is OK. Bit baked at the end, ends clack. STGT wine. From Aug-Sept 2011. 13.5°. To 2013. July, March 2011


(vat, to be bottled in two weeks) pink robe with orange tints; mild, floral-red quince fruit aroma that is rounded in nature. The palate is also mild, its fruit a bit tucked up. There is some welcome gras and body here, the length is correct. Nice and unpretentious wine, not forced in the cellar. To 2011. March 2009


mild pink, that is not quite on the button in its togetherness. There is a live air to the nose – red fruit, marzipan, cherry come with zest and a direct shape. The palate fruit is febrile, not settled, has a firm side and the wine curls towards a slightly dry finish. The air tightens this and renders it tough – could decant and see, but I am not hopeful. An oddball wine. June 2008

2006 ()

red traces in the robe; Syrah-infused bouquet – gives it a black cherry air, also some toffee and garrigue baked stones, herbs. The palate is built on some power, this is a wine with muscle, comes in a punchy style. Light black berry fruit present, ends solidly. Risk of highish alcohol and low acidity here. Try from Sept 2007. Drink with white meats, poultry. June 2007