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The Wines

Grenache blanc (mainly from Vaucluse - Violès), Clairette, Bourboulenc (from Laudun, Rochegude), a little Marsanne, mainly purchased wine, vat fermented at 16-20°C, raised 6 months, malo blocked, 200-250,000 b

2019 ()

regular yellow colour, with a bright tone; the bouquet is a mass of tropical fruits, papaya included, with spice, grapefruit freshness above, notes of beeswax. It’s a busy, immediate start. The threading of the palate with carbonic gas is the first impression, with a mixed white fruits flavour, apricot and peach, and a lively finale, citrus notes there. This is upbeat, jolly Côtes with the depth for fish, hors d’oeuvres, and a commendable saline leave-behind which renders it clear drinking. It can certainly do the aperitif, is w.o.w. wine. 14°. To 2022 Nov 2020


mild yellow; elderberry, peach fruit combine on the nose, some cooked lime also. It is a fair start. The palate is zesty, presents a ripe gooseberry flavour with some apricot juice adding depth to the second half. It drinks freely now. To 2018  Feb 2016

2014 ()

yellow colour. The nose is fresh, offers an aroma of cooked orange, orange marmalade with definite thrust. The palate works well: it holds a good level of gras richness, and finishes with some fresh purpose and content. It shows a little drizzled lemon sponge cake in its flavour. It has the weight for fowl, steamed fish, spaghetti dishes. 13.5°. 2019-20  Oct 2015 

2012 ()

subdued yellow; tangerine and white raisin, spice-vanilla aroma that is quite weighty – the nose is toasted, nutty. The palate is all closed in, has a spiced core, has gras present. There is a flavour of cooked white fruits, a touch of nougat. It ends rather suddenly, ties up too soon. Foods: soft cheese, fish soup, pastas. 13°. To 2017  Oct 2013

2011 ()

mild, pale yellow; has a floral, harmonious nose with a drifting white raisin air, light almond notes, and acacia flowers. The palate transfers well from the nose, is soft and the white fruit flavour has appealing delicacy. The texture is smooth and welcoming. I detect some fine late carbonic gas aimed at helping its freshness. Well made wine. To 2015 May 2012


mild yellow, legs down glass. Smoky top air, peach dried fruit under that, flan and nut here also. The debut to the palate is enclosed; the wine has sound heart, poise and a potential to give more on the second half. A good, compact white Rhône, more to give from late 2011. Foods such as hors d`oeuvres suit it. 13°. To 2015. July 2011

2009 ()

mild yellow; white fruits, smoky and reductive aroma but beyond that it has clean lines and freshness. The palate is tight-knit, comes with a cooked fruit tart flavour, also a licorice side. Its richness is latent, but present. It ends on a honeycomb note, a late widening. Very food friendly. Decant this. Shows a bit of acetate and white jam at the end, a shade downhome. To 2013. Oct 2010


pale, flint robe; has a really open, funky, zesty nose – abundant citronelle, pear and orange zest, peach in the aroma. The palate skips along, with some midway gras that adds to its roundness. Has a hazelnut tasting, safe finale. 13.5°. To 2010. Jan 2008