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The Wines

50-67% Roussanne (1986), 33-50% Marsanne (1986) from red clay, stony, some granite soils on Les B√Ęties at Larnage, fermented, raised 25% new, 75% 1-3 year 228-litre & 600-litre oak casks 12 months, malo completed, 2,920 b


1) (used 228-litre cask, Marsanne, some Roussanne, Les Bâties, Larnage) ***(*) healthy looking yellow tinted robe; the nose is vigorous, immediate, has airs of wax, dried fruits, cheese – there’s good variety to come. The palate is nutty, classic Marsanne, holds tannic lining. This is a concentrated vintage wine, grounded, with structure, a lot of grip. This is interesting, and will be a solid base for the blend. 9 years 2) (Roussanne, used 600-litre cask, Les Bâties, Larnage) **** yellow colour, green tints. Citrus fruits feature in a fine nose, is nutty. The palate has gas, lift, tender virtues with finesse, length, very joli length. The previous is more like a one-off punch for the wine, this is the bridge, the style of the ship. It has a white fruits, plums flavour. 2028-30 Nov 2019


yellow robe; the nose mixes airs of nuts, beeswax, quince plums, has cut, definition. The palate gives a good, springy start, is flavoured with peach and apricot, holds soft gras, then good grip – a nice sequence of events from the attack, then the gras – floral, plump - then the grip. It lasts well, has character. Bottled end August 2018. “It has nerve,” François Ribo. 67% Rouss, 33% Marsanne. 2027-28 Nov 2018

2015 ()

(Roussanne from Les Bâties, new 600-litre oak cask) fine yellow robe. Lime/wax aroma, peach also – a good, tight nose. The palate holds a wiry, muscled white fruit, lots of grip and a very fresh close. The aftertaste is smoky, with quince fruit there. This is beau. “It has more tension than a 2011, and isn’t solar,” François Ribo. 2023-24  Dec 2015

2014 ()

yellow robe. Ginger, hazelnut, toast and peach fruit mix on the nose, a very bright start it is. This has the body for hors d’oeuvres dishes, has a dried fruits flavour. It grips well, finishes freshly, is very dentelle and lifted. 12°. 2019-20  Dec 2015

2008 ()

steady yellow robe; candy, pear-apricot aroma – nice and ripe nose, includes caramel. The palate texture is good and ripe, then takes on a tannin note leading to a chewy finale. Has good late weight, is a sympa wine, is long. The aftertaste is flinty Good with chicken, I think. The boys are wider than that – “snails, parsley and garlic dishes please me with this (René Dard), and “steamed scallops” for F.R. “It has grain. This includes the Cuvée K – in 2008, we decided to assemble the different terroirs to raise the quality.” François Ribo. To 2013-15 Nov 2009

2003 ()

(cask) light, smoky fruit nose. Good clear fruit, chewy and spiced. Richness present, has good core. Interesting.


nutty, light honey nose; clear-cut gras, fair amount, some nuttiness. Sound for the year.


ripe, tangerine presence on bouquet. Quietly rich, but starting to tighten, with dry-toned hazelnut present. Drink before 2007 March 2005 Previously *** ripe, grapy nose, fig/dried fruits; full, fleshy plump flavour, almost oxidative. Expressive, ripe Marsanne.

2000 ()

oily, fat wine with Roussanne bringing spiced zest. Dried fruits.

1999 ()

exotic fruits, full bouquet; mix of rich fruit, honey, dried fruits with butter on end. Packed flavour here, old-school, sit-down wine which has been carefully made. Bring on the grub!