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The Wines

50% Syrah (2000) from 0.26 hectare on Chaillot, 50% Syrah (early 2000s) from 0.3 hectare on Les Côtes, Les Côtes included since 2016, whole bunch fermentation (whole bunches since first year 2005), 3 week vinification, cap punchings, malo completed in cask, aged 2-3 year 600-litre oak casks 12 months (no new oak since 2017), on its lees, first wine 2005, unfined, filtered, up from 1-1,400 b to 2,000-2,400 b

2018 ()

dark robe; has a spiced, profound bouquet, a real compact aroma of black fruits, a lot of linger, blackberry prominent. There’s also a gentle violet note, licorice – this holds much promise. The palate holds appealing, suave gras, is fine throughout, with a little discreet crunch in the tannins, nice ripe stems present. There is top texture here. It parades Cornas finesse, and quietly declares its rather thick, sustained black juice. The finale is good and calm. This holds very belle content, has high potential. Serve in a large glass after decanting it. €37. From 2023-24. 2041-43 Dec 2019

2017 ()

dark red; has an ample, upfront nose, a bucket full of soaked fruits, is ripe and obvious. The palate comes with plush content, is Southern in tone, has an ample, rather showy depth, and slightly rugged tannins late on. This is beefy Cornas, is unyielding on the close, needs time, a good three years. The aftertaste is assertive. For now, the tannins dominate the fruit. 2018 is better balanced. 2037-39 Dec 2019 Previously March 2018 **** (cask) black robe with a purple rim. There’s good depth on the nose, a right old plunge of cassis-blueberry, ripe and gleaming fruits, a hint of iodine beside. The palate is well caressed by its suave, silken black fruits; there’s very good precision in the fruit here. It extends into well fitting tannins, holds a mineral of Cornas line, which moves the fruit towards blueberry and iron on the close. Good, stylish, good poise. From 2022. 2033-35 March 2018

2016 ()

full red. The nose is reserved, promising, on Indian ink, a few herbs, licorice, coffee – there are mixed prompts, oak and cassis and smoke. The palate has shoulders, a wide sweep on the attack, with thorough heart, is properly filled. There is a good expanse across the bouquet, and that fits well with the palate. There is good, stylish charge in this, its tannins bright and well planted. The close is crisp, fine and small berry fruits there. This has lots of style, is racy and beau. 13.5°. Bottled Dec 2017. “I find Bergamot on the nose,” Johann Michel. From spring/mid-2020. 2033-34 March 2018

2014 ()

bottled one week ago: dark red robe. A black cherry aroma is on the back foot for now on the bouquet. It also shows licorice, sizzled bacon, smoke, has potential. This holds elegant, shapely, beau gras with well absorbed tannins. The fruit is trim, pure. A well assembled wine with Cornas depth to some extent. There is light spice on the close. From spring 2017. 13.5°. 2025-26  Dec 2015


bottled six weeks ago: good dark red with black tints. The bouquet is well assembled, nice and whole, offers an elegant blackcurrant fruit aroma, is smoky, stylish, consistent and young. There is a wide palette here – the flavour takes in prune, blackberry juice, flowers, licorice and fine grain tannins. It sets off well, has a bustling attack. Very good. It shows wide and comfortable matter as it ends, has subtleties, needs time to stretch out more. It has good spine. More to it than the classic cuvée. “Gambas – large prawns with chorizo, Spanish saucisson good with this,” Johann Michel. Magret - breast of duck, partridge, red meat all good also. Decant this. From spring 2015. 13°. 1,200 b. 2024-26  Dec 2013


(casks) dark robe; oily, tarry blackberry fruit aroma, one with stuffing in it, along with dabs of tea and black olives also. There are hints of polished leather and game, too. The palate shows potential: it works well on its clear-tune fruit, accompanied by fine grain tannin. Violet and prune-blackberry flavours appear on the second half, the tannins fresh there. This is especially deep, but there is good flow in the fruit, and it is an interesting wine. It is just a bit squeezed late on, but I back time to resolve that. From late 2014. 2022-24  Nov 2012

2009 ()

(casks) dark robe. Ripe, brooding nose that is full to the extent of some Volatile Acidity lurking but is inoffensive. The prime airs are rich and resemble tea, violet, damp soil. There is a good push of purple-black berry fruit, typical of Cornas, on the palate. It is round until a firm, juvenile close. Clear drive in this, it is promising if a little scaled up and pushed along. Ends on a slight curly note, I get a bit of VA again. From 2013. Note price of €35. 2021-23 Nov 2010

2008 No Rating

Unlikely to be produced

2007 ()

good red, purple robe. Full, biscuity, raisin aromas. Has a ripe raisin flavour, is compact, comes with a dash of scented prune. A big, ripe Cornas, modern style wine here. From mid-2011. 2019-20 Dec 2009 Previously Dec 2008 ***(*) full robe; has a very primary, raw bouquet – earthy, fundamental, a little sweaty and stalky for now. It is wide and off its leash, though, comes with some high tone. There are punchy black fruits with a growing tannic make-up on the palate – has a lot of heart. Crisp, peppery tannin lines the finish. A vigorous wine that reaches out there. From late 2010 or 2011. 2019-20 Dec 2008


full, quite dark robe – has a healthy look. The bouquet is full, with a thorough, oily nature led by black jam with a sunny, rounded depth to it and a wee herbal presence. The palate is wholesome and rich, with good heart – there is body after half way, and good width, too. The tannins need leaving for three years, but the wine is going the right way, with its largely ripe matter. Is not a big hitter, but there is plenty to come. From 2010. I like its fulfilling late palate. “I added the press wine in 2006 to help its length,” J.Michel. Bottled 2 weeks ago. 2020-22 Dec 2007 1,200 b this year

2005 ()

dark, intense, black-toned robe; has a broad, but reductive nose of some scale – there are black fruits within. The palate starts out rich, fleshy and broad, and this richness lasts through the palate until it ends on a reductive note, where it lacks clarity. Is a coating wine that is a bit flat. Lacks lift. Drink by 2012. Dec 2007 Previously Dec 2006 *** purple, quite dark robe; the nose is reserved, and a little oaky – there is some resin, and an oily top note, accompanied by black fruit and licorice. The palate holds sleek, direct, modern fruit, with some end mineral grain in the texture. Not especially full, but has a “correct” weighting. From late 2008. Bottled 10 days ago. 2015-16 Dec 2006 €27, high enough. 1,000 b this year