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The Wines

100% Grenache from galet stone covered soils on La Crau Sud (E), Les Escondudes (S-E), destemmed, 29 day vinification, part vat emptying/refilling, cap punching, aged new 400-litre oak casks 15 months (initially 228-litre casks used), unfined, unfiltered, 3,000 b


(casks) quite a full red colour; the bouquet is smoky, crisp, centres on black raisin, prune airs, notes of charcoal derived from the oak, with some herbes de Provence. It can become rather sultry over time. The palate is oily in texture, sits with a comfortable depth, the finish layered with ripe, munchy tannins. It gives a pretty complete spread on the second half. It’s still in the cellar, and will be best left until 2025-26 or so in order to assimilate oak and round itself out. It’s thorough, with a note of vintage baking towards the finish, the juice concentrated there. 15.5°. From 2025-26. 2044-46 May 2021

2018 ()

(new casks) quite a full red; the nose carries a note of reduction, shows mulled red berry fruits, is compressed for now. The palate moves with jam-like favours, summer garden red fruits, bears ample, layered tannins inside. It has a solid foundation. There’s a note of power on the aftertaste. It’s honest, a trifle rugged, needs time to refine the late stages. From 2023. 2042-44 Oct 2019


(casks) deep red, with black robe. There’s a note of red meat strength in the bouquet, a backdrop of closely-knit black fruits, prune, smoke. The palate is gourmand, rolling, gives a steady wave of nourishing black fruits, blueberry included. The tannins are well ripened, produce some darkness, licorice. This is well assembled wine with no chinks in its delivery. The aftertaste is assertive, intense, a little wild at present. 15°. 3,000 b. €40. From mid-2021. 2038-40 Oct 2018


(casks, bottling Dec 2016) quite a full red colour. The nose carries reduction, and a perfumed, rounded ripe air of red berry, strawberry jam. The palate is also juicy and red-berried, with a lining of pretty classic Grenache fruit that picks up spice as it goes. There is an inner nugget of power, and a late angle of baking from the warm summer. It’s muscular without being obviously so, and will be best left until mid-2019, and decanted – it needs prising open. The aftertaste is on sweet red jam. Something of an acquired taste here. 25 hl/ha. €45 at the cellars. 15.5°. 2030-33 Sept 2016