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The Wines

60-65% Grenache (mainly late 1940s), 15-20% Mourvèdre, 7% Syrah, 5% Cinsault, 5% Counoise, 3% various (Vaccarèse, Terret Noir, Muscardin), whole bunch 3-5 week fermentation, 2 daily pumping overs, and vat-emptying/refilling for 5 days, aged 20% 1-year oak, 80% vat 12 months, then all wine 6 months vat, fined, one bottling at 18 months, 2nd bottling at 24 months, biodynamic wine

2016 ()

(cask/vat) full, dark red robe. The bouquet has a deeply seated air of black fruits, raspberry and cherry fruits present, dabs of licorice and black coffee. The palate starts with succulent, tasty fruits, prunes and black berries - they give a nourishing and appealing flavour. This gives very good detail, feels hand made, with precision inside its well established richness. The tannins add a good extra layer as it finishes. Its freshness is exemplary, and the STGT characteristics are very appealing. From 2020. 2033-35 Nov 2017

2011 ()

(cask/vat) dark red, black-tinted centre, legs. Black cherry, smoky, liqueur core to the nose, has a crunchy fruit air – this is quite a strong nose. This is modern wine, that holds viscous, stretched black fruit. There is a slightly spirity divorce from its fruit at the end, and grain dust tannin. It is demanding now. A mixed bag here, where harmony is not an evident outcome. From spring 2015. 14.5°. 2023-24  Dec 2012

2009 ()

(cask/vat, but grower assembled this in a rush) attractive mid-depth red; game, fungal airs on the nose – the Grenache red fruit is a shade droopy, limp. The palate is similar – it revolves around sweetness, has herbal moments. It is rather too brut de cuve (vat example) to be judged, and I almost sense residual sugar here. The aftertaste is scented, but it tapers and curls by the finish. This not a fair reading. Try when bottled. From mid-2012. 2020-22 Oct 2010

2008 ()

steady depth of red in the robe. Primary, rather raw bouquet fuelled by black fruit, leather airs, a little vegetal – all in its infancy. There are broad lines to the palate – a wine of some heart and potential, but a lot of unfinished business for now. It weaves around on the palate, and only at the end does a spot of black fruit emerge. From spring 2012. 2019-20 Dec 2009

2007 ()

(vat) full, quite dark robe; has a vat style aroma – just out of there, so there are lees, raisin, blackberry fruit behind – there is also sweet tea and a gourmand character in the air. The palate is similar to the nose, since it reflects unfinished business, a vat wine in need of a racking. Tannins run around the finish, come with attitude. Has poise for the future, and there is a glimpse of good fruit on the palate – fruit with a taste of black lozenges. Robust wine, STGT leaning. From 2011 to let the tannins relax and meld. 2020-22 Nov 2008


(vat) matt, three-quarter red; lightly brewed, cocoa aroma ahead of raspberry – the cocoa may reflect the year's ripening that was off and on, so it is not a voluptuous, fruity affair, comes with a shimmer of charcoal, herb. Agreeable, quite supple fruit starts the palate, is not especially profound and even regains its cocoa, slight charcoal tenor towards the finish. Shows a little late grip and pebble in the plum fruit. Is close to being ready, but may close up after bottling, so drink from late 2009. 2015-17 Nov 2008


plum red, very Grenache hue, with a matt tone to the robe. Has a mild, raspberry jam aroma that is sweet n`easy, not especially alert. The palate starts with soft red fruits which are on the gourmand run, and have a little round appeal. The sweetness is a bit excessive. Ends with a tight tannic regime. The length is OK. This is a perfumato wine. From mid-2009. 2019-20 Nov 2007 Previously Nov 2006 ***(*) quite a dark robe; tea, brewed black fruits on bouquet, is deep and pretty persistent. There is a floral top note that floats on the outside, and hints of pepper and a little mystery. Easy to savour the palate, with its sucrosity and red fruits. There is overall a smooth texture, and the tannins are only just apparent. Red jam en avant here. A little late grip and chewiness. The air brings a more assertive nature to the fruit, makes it more pointed. Open style of wine. From 2008. 2016-19 Nov 2006 Previously June 2006 (casks) *** shaping up well, with a full robe, elegant bouquet reflecting damson, prune. Tannins are evident, core and content are prolonged. Fruit is clear, length good. Pre-assembly tasting of different plots.

2004 ()

subdued, soft, slightly floral bouquet. Soft, jam flavour, but lacks guts. Approachable now, has a little interior heat. Soft, facile, innocuous, no great length. 2009-10 To be bottled July 2006 June 2006

2003 ()

decent depth in robe. Full, scented nose - laurel, garrigue instincts, white chocolate, cooked fruits. Hearty, down home wine, is dense with local character, an STGT leaning. Some prune, baked raisin at the end, flows well through palate. More assertive finish, greater tannin presence after 20 minutes. Drinks OK now. "I find it has changed a lot - it was richer and more enveloped 6 months ago, and now it is finer," J. Girard 2013-15. June 2006