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The Wines

65-70% Grenache, 15-25% Syrah, 5-15% Mourvèdre, 0-3% Cinsault, Counoise from clay-limestone, galet stone soils on Farguerol Sud (N-W), Côteau de l'Ange (N-W), Galimardes (S-E), part destemmed, 2-3 week vinification, pumping overs, aged 80-90% concrete vat, 10-20% large barrels 8 months, filtered, Terra Vitis, sustainable viticulture wine, “drink with venison, pigeon, refined goat cheese”, 55,000 b


(vat/barrel) dark robe; the nose has an air of crushed nutshells above a lissom aroma of black berry fruit. There’s a vegetal, dried herbs’ rustle as well, an inky touch. It will come together nicely. The palate leads on the usual expressive fruit of this domaine, the fruit courses along well, and the tannins strike a good well blended chord towards the finish. It’s an uncomplicated, good drinking Châteauneuf that is openand enjoyable, indeed w.o.w. It’s not far off being on the go. From mid-2022. 2038-40 April 2021


(large barrel/concrete vat) dark red colour. The nose has a bosky tone, comes with black olives, blackberry fruit. It’s neat, and less charged than many this year. The palate holds tasty, open black fruits that carry sweetness, the tannins supple and well encased. The finish is pretty clear. This has been well worked, given the hot conditions, the result a cool and friendly wine, with a genuine garrigue inflexion. It sits apart from the fully charged squadrons this year. 15°. 40,000 b.65% Gren, 25% Syr, 10% Mourv.  From late-2020. 2039-41 Oct 2018


(vat/barrel) full, dark red robe. Has an open, nicely forward bouquet that expresses black cherry fruit with a note of mulberry, a thick coulis in style, the 2016 generosity to the fore. There’s a touch of licorice below the fruit. The palate is also immediately expressive, even joyous, rocks along with coursing black fruits that have a little floral perfume attached. The tannins have a fine grain, and sit comfortably within. The finish attracts a little saltiness that brings lift. This is a fruit-filled, w.o.w. Châteauneuf for relatively early drinking, capturing its youthful fun and vigour. 14°. From mid-2018. 2032-34 Nov 201

2015 ()

quite a dark red. Mulled dark berry fruit and a note of meatiness feature on the nose. Cooked plums also come to mind. The palate gives a ball of tasty, lip smacking fruit with mulberry at its centre. The tannins form a streamlined presence on the second half, and the length is fresh. This will be a Steady Operator. Bottled already. 14°. From spring 2018, one of the earlier wines. 2030-32 Sept 2016


medium depth red. There is a restrained air of raspberry, with a brief sweetness in it, on the nose. This is quite dainty and still juvenile. The palate delivers tasty berry fruit and a good stretch of lifted tannin, adding licorice to the final moments. This has a bonny appeal, and gives enjoyable fruit, with a nudge of southern depth. It can be very elegant. There is good, steady length here. A bonny drink, all en rondeur. From mid 2017. 2029-31  Oct 2015


medium+ purple hue. The nose gives succulent prune and red berry aromas, but hovers on the overripe-jam berry edge. This has a sweet, Grenache-dominated attack, then offers juicy mid-palate fruit. Its tannins are finely polished. The finish is clean, firm. Enjoyable wine without great pretentions. From 2016. 2023-25  JL Oct 2014


sound red colour. Pretty, gourmand, aromatic nose that is really supple and inviting. It is centred on a ripe raspberry jelly aroma, and is harmonious. The palate starts cautiously, is more closed than the nose; the fruit is fine – there is a classy display of that. There is a good little fresh point on the finish. An elegant wine of good, sensible ambition given the vintage, and is close to being good to drink. It isn’t especially deep, is serene and enjoyable. The tannins are mild, and it will be thriving around 2015 on. 14°. 2025-28  Dec 2012

2010 ()

fairly dark red; wide air, but its details are not as yet obvious – there is a yeasty, smoky black fruit, a discreet note of licorice and a touch of herbs. The palate comes and goes rather quickly, not leaving a firm impression. The tannin is mid-depth. It is a workmanlike wine that lacks a really established structure, has red cherry fruit at its centre. From mid-2012. Does a middling job, not more. Bottled already. 14°. 2024-26 Dec 2011


bottled already: red with black tints. Reticent, no doubt post bottling, nose – blackberry fruit that is agreeable round inside, keeps going well, offers local influences such as herbs. The palate is compact – black fruit with a mineral line after half way. There is enough acidity present to keep it moving. Decent richness, has honest virtues, is an undemanding, easy drinking wine. From mid-2010. To 2016-18. Dec 2009

2007 ()

(barrel) full red, purple touches; has a plum jam aroma that is very, very primary – just the one aroma for now. The palate`s red fruits have what I term a three-quarter depth, flow easily, even if a little reserved for now. This can certainly sing around 2010 onwards. It is a baby wine now. The length is sound, and reveals mild late tannin. 2022-24 Nov 2008

2005 ()

fair depth on robe; generous, broad bouquet – macerated raspberries with a good level of ripeness plus olive/herb touches, some high tone - the whole persists quite well. The palate, though, is angular, a bit stretched on the attack. Some red fruit, with outcrops of tannin and a fresh finish. The palate is an active event, and it is rather sharp and yeasty at the end. From mid 2008. 2020-22 Nov 2006


quite a dark robe; sweet-toned aroma of black jam with a touch of stalkiness - not really sustained. Well-knit, rather one-dimensional black fruit on palate. Dries early – needs cleaner fruit. Tarry aftertaste. 2014-16 Oct 2006