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The Wines

60-67% Grenache, 20-23% Syrah, 5-10% Mourvèdre, 6% diverse varieties inc 2-4% Cinsault, 1-2% Counoise, most destemmed, vinified separately, 2-3 week vinification, twice daily pumping overs, aged 85% vat, 15% large barrels 8-18 months, filtered, 300,000 b

2016 ()

plum red robe. The bouquet has a layered density of red fruits, soaked red cherries or griottes, is appealing, parades a typical Châteauneuf finesse, a sunny and sweet curve to it. The palate rolls out well on the attack, is full, suave, polished. There is a little inner glow towards the finish, the red fruit mulled in style. There is a low-key pick-up in depth after the mid-point, a thickening there, and a touch of pepper. Decanting will help, but it’s a wine for the medium term, if a bit straightforward. From 2021. 2035-37 Oct 2019 Previously Oct 2017 **** (vat/barrel) very dark, also bright robe. The bouquet isn’t very open, but has style, gives a trim air of blackberry, has a note of black olives. The palate is sweetly fruited, bears wavy fruits, cherries and blackberries with polished tannins around them. The finish is rounded, calm. This is coherent between nose and palate, is a sleek wine, a good, safe bet for the buyer. From mid-2019. 2031-34 Oct 2017

2015 ()

medium depth red robe. The bouquet is in transition, losing its carefree early fruit and becoming more stubborn, even gnarled. There is an air of cooked plums, strawberry fruit with a neat curve of sweetness, a Grenache emphasis to it, with spicing present. The palate is lined with lithe content, raspberry flavours, smoky tannins, has the 2015 vintage clench on the finish as the fruit and content back off. This needs leaving now until 2020, so it can fuse and travel with greater filling to the finish. 14°. 2030-33 Oct 2017

2010 ()

full robe, not too dark. Has a suave blackberry fruit, measured air with postings of vanilla, droplets of red meat. There is a cosy entry of black fruit, blackberry, which is squeezy, enjoyable. The tannins are ripe, and well entered, and it proceeds to a secure finish, where the tannins have a light touch, and are followed by an aftertaste of raspberry juice. Highly enjoyable, good balance, length and truth. From spring 2013. €18 is a good price at the cellars. 2025-27 Dec 2011


quite dark robe; notably meaty, brooding aroma – soaked black fruits and chocolate on parade. The palate is similar, with its sappy, dense flavour and texture: it holds a juiced richness with tannins around it; ripeness is 85%, chalky snap is 15% of it. It is wild for now, and needs time. Can fuse together. Has a tangy finale. From 2013. 2023-24 Oct 2010

2008 ()

quite full dark red, matt shades. Nutty, post fermentation black fruit aroma, just out of the vat, is quite clear. The palate has a steady run of restrained but also well-defined black fruit: not at all big scale, but sound elements in it. Fair length. Leave until late 2010. Just a bit green on the finish, that 2008 feature. 2018-19 Nov 2009

2006 ()

matted red-black robe; blackberry aroma that is rounded, also accompanied by game and earthy airs, is a little stalky. Supple start to the palate, though the middle is low-key. Not that profound – it needs more core matter. It ends on a more flourishing note, gains extra juice towards the finale. Easy drinking wine, commercial in style. 2016-17 Jan 2008


1st bottle corked; 2nd bottle full robe; brewed, baked aroma that carries raisin and black fruits, also charcoal – is pretty solid. Palate has a rich mass, with a little tannic edginess. Black fruits are fringed with a little burn. The result of full-on winemaking, is severe towards the finish. From 2009. 2014-16 April 2007, London Previously Oct 2006 ** red, plum colour with a little black. Quietly brewed fruit aroma with a strong Grenache presence and a top note that is a little gamey. More expressive from 2008. Mild, very Grenache, unflashy wine – but it lasts and has subtle appeal. Red fruit flavour is delivered in a low register. By 2008 will be wider on the finish. Possibly neutralised by a Prestige wine. 2013-16 Oct 2006


floral, cooked red fruits aroma, pretty depth to it. Well-knit palate, savoury taste with good, charming content. Is a little sweet - beware. Esp 2005-6 on. 2014-15 May 2003


quite dark robe; the nose is prominent, mixes oak, upright prune, leather in the offing. The palate has decent bone and weight – it comes in a more understated style that works well. Fine, attractive wine of good length and carry. Good Grenache at its heart, with sound support from Syrah. Persists well, shows some late tannin. From 2000. 2009-13  Oct 1996


decent red colour. Rather simple, straightforward red fruit jam aroma with some heat in it, is already prominent, on the go. This is an early drinking wine, has decent balance; the emphasis is towards roundness with some fullness to accompany that. Not bad is the correct comment. There is a hint of oak towards the finish. 2005-07 Oct 1996