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The Wines

100% Grenache (1920s-1940s from 2 ha of their 14 ha on Les Garrigues, warm red clay, galet stone covered soils), 75% destemmed, 3-week vinification, daily cap punching, pumping overs, aged 80-90% large barrel, 10-20% 1-2 year oak for 12 months, then 6 months vat, fined, unfiltered, 3-5,000 b


(vat) regular, quite dark red colour; the bouquet has a bosky, cedary tone, gives a funnelled, rather sharp, smoky display of black fruits, saline touches present. The palate works via its cool tone, smoky feel, has a well bound heart of plum fruits with tarry, minted edges, has been helped by its clay soils retention of moisture. The tannins have crispness, bite, and rule the close for now. This has character, and the scope to move forward, assembling its bright thrust into a more orderly ensemble. It’s just the sort of wine to produce blind for friends at eight to ten years’ old. 15°. No hurry: from mid-2022 or later. 2032-34 Jan 2021 GB £130/6 b in bond The Wine Society +44(0)1438 741177 https://www.thewinesociety.com/rhoneep

2009 ()

(barrel) notably full robe; very broad, sweet and cohesive nose – there is potentially a lot in it. It gives a prune-raisin late display, heat in baked stones present. There is a black jam-jelly start to the palate – gourmandise delivered without delay – press the button, out it comes. There is a fine inlay of tannin, with licorice flavouring in the late moments, which contributes to its sense of purpose and clarity. Well assembled, very good wine that really delivers flavour and quality. An ace drop, a “stop and pay attention” wine. Good length, with herbal moments. Esp late 2012 on for a combination of fruit and increased variety. More on Grenache than terroir for now. 2025-27 Oct 2010

2006 ()

has the usually ripely established black fruit aroma – reserved for now, but plenty of potential – the black fruit has a creamy air to it. The palate is really ensemble, starts on a compact footing with a rich, rather mysterious heart. Sustains well, has a peppery, prune, smoky and oak aftertaste, with a last stand of raspberry liqueur. 2021-23 Nov 2007

2005 ()

dark robe; blacked, soaked berries aroma – latent game in the blackberry. Cherry, black berry fruit attack, followed by quite ripe tannin. The whole affair is sweetly textured, makes only minor statements. It is wide late on, imposing, and the sort of wine that would chase you round the room. Peppery black fruit, ripe aftertaste. From 2010 for more freedom and expression. This is actually over 16° - be aware of that. 2022-24 Nov 2007 Previously Dec 2006 **** (casks) oily, full nose – bear ripe, rounded fruit, a nice little sweetness. On the palate, this is herbal, olive southern wine with good richness and a gourmand, savoury feel. Slips down very well, persists thoroughly, too. 2023-25 Dec 2006


mild red robe; red fruits, bonny aroma with jam in the air and a floral fragrance as well. Handsome palate – this has its usual juicy core, and a fresh, pebbly finish, no doubt thanks to the deep roots of the old vines. Good length – this is classy and long. Esp 2008 on. 2018-19 Dec 2006

2003 ()

oily, soaked, quite potent nose, indeed like its name implies contains herbs, also some minerality. Full, in its usual rich and quite potent way, alcohol traces, too (14.5°). Spiced and peppery black fruit on the finish, where it ends suave and round. It's always a heady wine - this is no exception. The tannins are well woven. 2017-20 July 2005