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The Wines

93-97% Marsanne, 3-7% Roussanne, mainly from Tournon with purchased crop and Guigal crop from former de Vallouit and J-L Grippat vineyards, plus wine from Mauves and crop from Sarras (no further north than there), vinified and raised 50% steel vat, 25% each new, 1-year oak 9-11 months, malo completed, 25-40,000 b

2019 ()

clear yellow robe, almost a green tint. The bouquet is en finesse, has a charming peach aroma, a dab of lemon, honeysuckle. The palate is suave, attractively furnished with white fruits, develops a little insistence of depth towards the finish, is all in a restrained register. It could be termed New Wave, but gives attractive, immediate drinking, even if it can become more expressive on the second half if allowed another 12 months or so. It’s easy enough for the aperitif. 14°. 2024-25 Dec 2020

2018 ()

fine yellow colour; the nose has gentle depth, is based on white peach, a note of aniseed and ginger freshness. The palate bears comfortable gras, gives a savoury feel in the mid-palate, with finesse on the late stages. This is nice and calm, easy to drink and to like. There is a buttery feel to it, and it’s suited to hors d’oeuvres, steamed fish. Bottled two months ago. 13.5°. 2025-26 Dec 2019


pale yellow; the nose is reserved, gives wafts of lemon-citrus, a note of peach, light drifts of spring flowers. It’s rather pared back, and under bottling. The palate holds some easy gras with banana-caramel in the flavour, a thickness from those, including its oaking. There is a peach stone flavour along it from the Marsanne – that tang. This is correct, with fine grip. It hums, rather than sings – I’d like more attitude. Decant it. 13.5°. 95% Mars, 5% Rouss. From late 2019. 2029-30 March 2019


bright yellow colour. The nose is subdued, post bottling, has a greengage plum, guava, grapey air, with some peanut paste, oak smokiness. The palate is gentle, bears an apricot and vanilla flavour, releases its juice cautiously. The theme is one of elegance. The finish is rounded, agreeable. From mid-2018. Decanting advised: it can blossom well. Table wine: poultry, white meats. Bottled May 2017. 13°. 2026-27 Nov 2017


firm yellow. Elder flower, apricot and grape essence feature on the nose, along with a classic Marsanne hazelnut. hich has the measured density of the vintage. The palate moves serenely, produces a compote, stewed white fruits flavour with oak vanilla emerging on the still tight finish. The length is good, ending freshly and firmly. Has a little red wine structure, so is suited to big fiish flavours such as tuna, salmon. 13.5°. 2026-27 Nov 2017


yellow robe. The nose gives a prominent air of apricot, also peach, along with licorice, spring flowers – it is pretty full, has both width and scope for the future. This is tasty, and the palate connects well to the nose. It holds good, shapely gras richness and a length that sets it up for white meats, mushroom dishes. It is quietly aromatic around its peach fruit heart. This drinks well in its first youth, is very attractive. 13°. 2021-22 Oct 2015

2013 ()

shiny yellow robe, legs visible. The nose is restrained, but interesting: one has to delve to find its aromas for now – they include salt, peach, cooked lemon in a fine setting. The palate starts on a quiet run of cooked white fruits, has a spring flowers touch, is precisely presented. It ends with a suggestion of Marsanne tang, and fine acidity. Well crafted, pretty genuine. Decanting an option. From late 2015. 13.5°. 2024-26  Jan 2015

2012 ()

even yellow, a pale leaning. Has a salty, fine aroma, light note of butter. Shows white fruits, licorice, wee smoke, a trace of hazelnut. The attack is bonny, toothsome, and marked by a gently plump apricot-white peach flavour. It ends with tidy grip, nice and clear. Good now. It is more precise and fine than the 2011. Interesting wine with a very nice salted finale note. Just bottled. 13°. 2018-19  May 2013


pale yellow. An air of white raisin traverses the glass, peach jam present and toasting from its oak, a little burnt feature. The palate is rather gourmand, is softly textured. It isn’t quite firing today, gives a round, floral, peach-like late run, ending roundly. It finishes carefully, can be more expressive, so decant for that. Very orderly. 13°. 93% Mars, 7% Rouss this year. To 2018. 30,000 b this year.  May 2013

2010 ()

fine yellow colour; has a light touch aroma that is reserved, shows spice, white pepper, fined air of dried fruits. The palate has considered grip, the oak well present within, only a slight trace of vanilla. A good combination of gras richness and fine minerality. The aftertaste is grainy. Decant this. Bottled May 2011. 2020-21 Dec 2011

2009 ()

medium yellow colour. Has a tight, dusty nose, with fruits such as pear, apricot and peach featuring, the dusty grain of the north – the bouquet is gentle, authentic, stylish, oily and viscous. The palate starts on a flavour of good, tight dried fruits, apricot and greengage. It ends on a good, firm note, a touch of hazelnut. An ideal wine for food, a Solid Operator with the strength of the year in its veins. It is edging slowly forward, its potential not yet delivered. Has a peach fruit, aromatic aftertaste. Decant it or drink from 2014. 13°. 2023-24  Sept 2012, London Previously July 2010 *** dried fruits, apricot and honey aroma – there is a steady throb in this bouquet. The palate has a rich texture, off we go, it is immediately rich and broad. It ends calmly, the length good. A little oak shows at the end. Still has cards to play on the finish, is a shade hidden there. 2016-17 July 2010

2007 ()

yellow robe; honeyed, oaked bouquet that comes with a fine tune. This is dumb today, and should be decanted if being drunk in the next few months. There is a flan, apricot mix on the palate, its richness is well set and comfortable. There is a little late pebbly grip, and it ends prettily, is persistent. The bouquet is potentially stylish. From mid-2009. “It was more opulent – it is suffering from its post bottling dumbness now,” Philippe Guigal. 2016-18 Dec 2008

2006 ()

oak is the immediate impact of the bouquet – toast with some greengage and flan. There is some souplesse in the palate – banana the first hit, then a cool tone late on. Has some granite clarity on the finish. Hazelnut flavour shows up late. Good poise, wine with very good flow. The oak is more obvious on the nose than the palate. Jan 2008


A wine of consistent quality from three tastings: grainy, slightly floral bouquet, with some honey. Rich start to palate, flavour of peach here with some end freshness, and a little licorice. Pretty, understated richness. Oak has been absorbed, it would appear. 2010-12 Dec 2006 Previously June 2006 *** baked apple, light flan aroma, weight underneath, is quite stylish with a steely glint. Overlay of ripe fruit on attack, then oak rules the last quarter of the palate. The interior is rich, without a marked flavour. Tight-knit now, is a sit-down, food wine with some end chewiness. Length OK. Can loosen and explore further frontiers from 2007 on. At an understated moment. To 2011-12. Previously April 2006 ***(*) peach skin aroma, licorice/fennel also. Restrained attack, nice, creamy/buttery mid-palate. Tightens a little on finish, just as would be expected from the Marsanne. Structured, good shape. To 2012.


2002 ()

oily touches on nose; quietly rich, fat. Fair weight.


stylish, ripe bouquet; nicely fruited - peaches - for early drinking. Mineral edges at end, fair length.

2000 ()

creamy, quite ripe, spiced nose; jam texture, peach and golden crumble aspects. Fine, but a bit plain.


floral/boiled sweet aroma; quietly full, white stone fruits. Thorough flavour. Very good, can live, elegant. 2013-15