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The Wines

from Tournon, Mauves, Châteaubourg, Vion, also Arras, Sarras (the furthest north in the appellation, used to include St-Désirat), destemmed, 3 week vinification, cap punching, pumping overs, aged 1-2-3 year 228-litre oak casks 24 months, unfined, lightly filtered, several bottlings, has risen from 70-80,000 b to 220,000 b to 400,000 b

2018 ()

dark red, black-hued robe; the nose is compact, filled with layered dark berry fruits, an air of rather dense blackberry jam, carries inner sweetness. The palate offers an abundant wave of black berry fruit with low-key, gummy tannins on board, continues in the Guigal house style of richness into the aftertaste, some oak there. It’s a dense, almost succulent version of St Jo, plenty of depth, will live, can loosen. 14.5°. From late-2022. 2033-35 April 2021

2017 ()

deep, dark red robe; the bouquet is starting to come forward, offers an air of black cherry that carries a trim sweetness. There is a southern sense via a note of black olives and a sturdy depth. The palate mixes early juice with a firm underpinning, as if the dry conditions are the bedock of this wine. It concentrates and clusters into a tight ball of firm content on the late stages, finishes with a compressed feel. This is a St Jo structured to evolve and live, with patience an asset for now. Oak emerges on the aftertaste, so that needs time. It’s a solid operator. 13.5°. From 2023 or so. 2037-39 June 2021


rather dark red; has a well tuned bouquet, in the zone now, sweet red fruits lozenges with floral drifts. The palate is spiced, gives an instant hit of red fruits, cherries, travels kindly, picks up some herbs as it goes, spearmint, cut, on the aftertaste. This is well made, has the correct red fruits of its Southern sector. Very fair at €18. Last bottling, Oct 2019. 13.5°. From mid-2020. 2031-33 Dec 2019


dark red. Iodine features on the nose, has hidden pockets, an inlay of raspberry fruit that is clean cut: this is a joli debut. The palate presents an authentic texture of granite, is grainy, the fine powder tannins appealing. It’s a wine that will grow into its frame, over time, and expand. There’s some buoyant juice on the finish, the length good. 13.5°. From mid-2020, the time helpful to open it and expand it. 2034-36 March 2019

2014 ()

very dark robe. The bouquet shows neat sweetness, a curvy aroma of black berry fruit, is most enticing in its juvenile, clear state. The palate issues a tasty roll of blackberry, with the house style sweet layering, a fleshy content present. The finish brings in some tar, dark notes. There is a cool mineral line along the palate, which helps its clarty. It drinks smoothly now. 2024-25 Nov 2017

2013 ()

sound red robe. The nose is nicely striking, has airs of brambly, hedgerow fruit, some tar-licorice, a good upbeat feel, and true to St Jo, has spark. The palate bears fine grain red fruits with the dustiness of granite in the texture, all working well and authentically. It has good freedom with enough depth for grills, sausgages, steaks. It is nice and true, wire and spark included. 13.5°. 220,000 b. 2023-24 June 2017


dark, shiny red robe. This has a nicely curvy blackberry, jaunty aroma, comes with sweet notes of appeal, some cocoa darkness. The palate holds cool fruit, is well defined, gives a salted clarity on the finish. Good granite truth here. The fruit resembles blueberry, backed by minerality. It is nicely unfettered, cool wine. 13.5°. From mid-2016. 2025-27  Oct 2015

2011 ()

dark red robe, wee lightening at the top. A mulberry, large red berry fruit aroma leads the nose, a joli spot of ripe sweetness with it. The depth is comfortable, and there are light airs of soaked cherries, griottes. The palate expresses red berry fruit with a smoky, sizzled bacon tang, ends smokily, with good, fresh cut. This has lift, breeze, good rolling juice. It drinks well now. The finish is more grainy, with less juice there, which gives a note of caution. 13.5°. 2020-21 Oct 2015

2010 ()

dark red; smoky nose that is more on the future than now, has a fine grain, licorice-infused air of small black berries. The palate starts on a tight grain effect, the powder dust of the granite in its being. The fruit is dark, black, smoked. It ends on grip, dark tannins, nothing overdone. Its inherent tension is good. Proper wine, a Child of the granite. The finish is fresh, finely-fruited, lasts well. All to come, a good example of Saint-Joseph. From 2015. 13.5°. 2027-29. “It has density, relief, matter and tension,” Philippe Guigal.  May 2013


full, dark. There is a chocolate density on the nose, wafts of oak, bacon and a light violet infusion. Full but pliant palate that holds good clarity in its juicy black fruit, with a well-packed finale. Has a quiet, true quality which creeps on you. It is fine and pure in the late stages, with a correct and typical florality. The aftertaste is notably floral. Double the price of the Côtes du Rhône, fair enough. 2023-25 Dec 2011

2006 ()

the usual dark Guigal robe here. Rather chunky, tight-knit bouquet, something of a wall of dark fruit, holds up well, is young. The palate offers black fruit in the solid style of the house, has well-extended tannins. It is more robust than fine. The fruit is cased with solid matter, but flattens as it airs. It will live another eight to 10 years, but could have more spirit, life – it is rather worked on, and is hence subdued by that treatment. 13°. 2017-18 Sept 2010, Paris

2004 ()

red, with light black traces. Has a ripe, evolving nose of red plum jam with some damp forest in it. The palate is a mineral affair, with the clamp of tannin around it – it lacks heart, flesh. Now to 2012. Dec 2008


suave black wild berry aroma; friendly, flattering fruit, jam texture, some end tar. Esp 2004-06. Likeable, easy.