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The Wines

50-80% Grenache, 10-30% Cinsault, 0-19% Clairette, 5-10% Syrah, 0-10% Mourvèdre, av age 25 years in 2015, from clay, galet stone soils, purchased wine from 8 suppliers, made by bleeding the juice off the skins overnight (saignée), 95% steel vat-raised, 5% large barrel raised 8-12 months, malo completed, white bottle, “drink with hors d’oeuvres, fish, cold meats, grilled meats”, 40-60,000 b


red cherry colour, typical of Tavel. The bouquet has a bonny roundness, a sweet curve of red berry fruits such as strawberry, with notes of heather, dried herbs. It’s nicely together. The palate attacks clearly, takes a tasty, ample, rolling path, the richness squeezy and plump, into a shapely finale, the gras still there as it ends. It develops well along the palate, and is a good’un for salmon dishes, tuna and other full flavours. Its length is neat, not massively extended. Charm and ease here. 14°. 2023-24 June 2021


red-hued robe, true Tavel. The bouquet is reserved, has a dark red berry fruit air lurking, a note of kirsch, cherry. It’s closed for now. The palate is in a holding moment, carries firm gras, with an extended run of rather savoury content, baked fruits, an oily texture. This is a firm Tavel, suited to sauced dishes, Asian cuisine, its Grenache heart well expressed. 14°. 2025 June 2021

2018 ()

pink robe, much less red than usual. The nose is brisk, based on redcurrant, with a hint of coulis sweetness, pear drop sweets. It carries discreet intensity, of the South, and there’s a note of red cherry stone also. The palate holds red fruits, is compact and concentrated, subdued in its fruit offer. This is a low-key effort, dorsn’t have the usual character and quality, indeed is some way off what I expect. It favours food over the aperitif, is a bit stubborn, and I’m not sure how free and balanced it is. It could be fresher. There’s a change of style – less classic Tavel – and less authenticity than normal. 13.5°. To 2021. June 2019

2016 ()

red-tinted robe. The nose comes forward well, red cherries mixed with a soft note of violets, strawberry jam. It gives an enticing start. The palate is also enjoyable, has a lovely flow of red fruits, good Tavel ID, the Cinsault and Clairette providing finesse. This is STGT Tavel, with a brilliance in its fruitiness, and a cluster of mixed herbs, peach stones, lavender towards the finish, a ppebbly note there. It will be a supreme match for all Provençal dishes. 2021-22 Nov 2017


attractive red-hued robe, a bright cherry colour. The nose gives redcurrants, a supple strawberry aroma, a sense of coulis fruit in its style with that simmered depth: it is nicely full, and also fresh. The palate is broad on the attack, bears red cherry near the stone fruit, crisply tuned red berries. It ends with tight grip, a red wine style there, a knot of red juice. The aftertaste has salty touches. This has good style, garrigue influences, and strength from within. It is sturdy, true, has a vintage tang, an asserted depth, and can live well. 13.5°. 2019-20  July 2016

2014 ()

joli pink robe. Fresh dandy of a bouquet, strawberry and cherry fruit, good lift and appeal. The palate is clean, crisp, gives a good run of red fruit with a tight grip, and a saline dab, on the  finish which ends with lift. This can drink solo, thanks to its clarity. Or with starters, hors d’oeuvres. 13.5°. 60% Gren noir, 15% Cins, 10% Clairette, 10% Syrah, 5% Mourvèdre, Picpoul. To 2017. June 2015


pink-red, some top taper. Has an agreeable bouquet that is open and sunny, presents joli strawberry aromas that have a light jam quality. The palate digs in well: this is expressive, well structured and true Tavel, comes with grace and depth. It drinks well now, will be great with shank of lamb or Osso Bucco of veal. The gras continues a long way, the finish is impressive. 13.5°. 50% Gren noir, 30% Cins, 10% Clairette, 5% Syrah, 5% Mourvèdre, Picpoul. 55,000 b. To 2018  Jun 2015 


light red tints in the robe. Attractive, promising nose – it has light touch, soft red fruit airs that invite well, with hidden corners to it; this bouquet “glistens”, has appeal. There are light suggestions of herbs. The palate is nice and neat, all very well put together. There is a fine spot of gras, and the red fruit lasts from half way to the end, which shows licorice and more cut. Fine, long wine that has depth and precision. 14°. To 2018.  May 2013


½ b: busty, red infiltrated robe that goes beyond pink, while legs down the glass add to the impression of richness. Has an air of red cherry in a wide bouquet, that suggests depth and potential, even if it is not showing a lot today. A tickle of menthol livens it up. A compact, enveloped wine on the palate – has a heart of redcurrant fruit, a fine run of late tannin. It ends decisively, clearly. Its length is notable. As a wine of real depth, it resembles a red in its form and being. Good, local Tavel that is well made, and ends with weight. It really rolls around the palate. Beats many Bandols which are much more expensive. More open, expressive from 2012. 13.5°. €5.95 for half bottle in Monoprix. To 2015. Good with lamb haché, a herbal-garlic stuffed lamburger, so full flavours are welcomed. Aug 2011


red tints in the robe; has a serious, local, baked stones garrigue air. The palate offers persistent fruit that is complete, rounded, squeezy, but also clear. Very good. STGT wine that rocks on. There is a fine mix of generosity and late control, ends on the curve. Food better than aperitif. 2014 or so. July 2010


pink, red tints. Light cherry, mild, quite broad baked fruit aroma that evokes the south, the warm stones. The palate is restrained, tips a little beyond the easy drinking wine, has a bit more weight than that. The length is pretty good, the finale clear and clean. Can serve for aperitif, or gentle foods such as hors d`oeuvres. Has light tannins that support the finish, but does lack a little body. To 2012. June 2010


red over the pink in the robe; has wide, nutty, fragrant aroma – strawberry fruit at the helm, some quince and red cherry snap also. The palate has a broad nature – this is barely ready, and another winter`s ageing will help it. Has a peppery late touch, and a wide, grounded finish. Bottled May 2008. To 2012. Dec 2008


red, onion skin notes in the robe; the nose is reserved, this is big stuff – some red cherry within. The palate works on some power; the wine is sealed up now, but the texture carries richness, and it proceeds calmly and evenly. Could be more open, but has been made to live a little; is a structured wine destined for food not for solo drinking. Sound wine. To 2012-13 “This is a rosé of gastronomy in our view; for instance, today in Asia they are drinking the 2003. It is a rosé of matter, and I think of it being drunk in Europe in autumn, winter and spring,” Philippe Guigal. Jan 2008