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The Wines

30-60% Grenache, 20-40% Syrah, 15-30% Mourvèdre, 0-15 Cinsault, 0-5% old Carignan, Counoise from stony clay-limestone soils at 250-420 metres, destemmed, 3 week vinification, destemmed, a lot of cap punchings at first, pumping overs, concrete vat raised 18-24 months, unfined, filtered, several bottlings, organic, biodynamic wine, 50,000-85,000 b

2018 ()

handsome dark red; the bouquet lies in wait, isn’t out, but has an elegant suggestion of black cherry fruit, neatness in the fruit aroma, pedigree. The palate is suave, relaxed and accomplished, the fruit purity standing out, with a wholesome, assured roll of delivery as it goes, the tannins ripe and well within. This is near the top of the class for 2018 Vinsobres, from an always impressive domaine, the virtues of good land care on show. It’s stop and think wine, and I would drink it young, on its most attractive fruit; it can evolve thanks to its balance. When I see its composition, I reckon the 15% Cinsault [freshness] and 15% Mourvèdre [length, structure] really bring gifts to the party: skilled blending, thus. 14.5°. 84,250 b. 50% Gren, 20% Syr, 15% Mourv, 15% Cinsault. €13 at the domaine is VALUE. From spring 2021. 2026-27 Oct 2020

2016 ()

shiny, dark robe; this has a snug aroma of blackberry fruits that glisten nicely, with notes of tar, coffee intensity, cafezinho do Brasil. It’s not yet right out, but is going the right way. The palate is also under wraps, has a 2016 easy sweetness within, floral-rose dabs with cooked plum, red fruits to the fore. The tannins are fine. This isn’t ambitious, but is honest, the fruit spiced, the tannins having tang. 14.5°. From spring 2020. 2031-33 March 2019


(the blend, for bottling May 2015) dark red; has a bouncy, inviting nose marked by cassis fruit – it is round and attractive, and holds together well. The palate also is expressive – it holds cassis and blackberry fruit with a game note about it, and the fruit is rather “high” as it ends. The tannins are pretty supple. This will be an easy drinking Vinsobres; it gathers a fine tannin as it ends. Instead of the usual blend of approx 60% Gren, 20% Syr, 20% Mourv, this year it is 40% Syrah, 30% Gren, 30% Mourvèdre. From spring 2016. 2020-21  Feb 2015


(bottling April 2013, 6 gm of sugar still to ferment) dense, dark colour. Blackberry, black cherry air, the south in the glass, black olives. Syrah is prominent, has appealing, curvy black fruit. The palate is all very round, has fat and gras, its tannins orderly. Plump, supple, generous wine. Has tasty, very satisfying fruit, fine acidity, an aromatic, violet finish that leaves a bountiful final impression. Pleasing, genuine, has an inside the grapes feel. From spring-mid 2014. 2019-20  Oct 2012

2010 ()

handsome dark red, a really good black core to the robe. Has a serene and promising nose that offers refined, rounded black cherry style fruit of a soft and elegant nature, but classy depth. It is very clear, and on Day 2 that impression is highlighted. The palate is attractive; the fruit is smooth as silk, rolls along suavely, and its very fine tannins are lovely and ripe, thoroughly ingrained. The fineness of the fruit is notable, while the aftertaste is fresh and well juiced. A wine of good length, and shows a really true southern Drôme poise and texture, with its Syrah strutting well. STGT wine. From mid-2012. It is so well balanced that it is accessible already. On Day 2 a floral subtext comes through on its fine palate. 14°. 2022-25 Feb 2012


full red robe. Reductive but ripe and pliant bouquet, even if its mulled red berry air is reserved; also has an earthy, elemental backdrop. The palate has a good core, and it will drink very well in a year or so. Charming, striking fruit, with ripe, shapely matter around it. The tannins are live, taste of licorice. I enjoy its vigour, it has a w.o.w. style. 14.5°. 2020-22 March 2011

2007 ()

black jam fruit or jelly aroma, red berry jam also – lots of bounty. The palate has a pretty debut, holds clear fruit with life in it. This is a direct style of Vinso. Has a pebbly little corral of tannin late on. Bottled one week ago. It rolls along with the classic elegance of this area. To 2018. March 2009


bright, quite full red robe; has an elegant red jam aroma – ripe strawberry the main fruit – and good depth. The palate fruit is right there now, coming with an ease that is backed by good tannins that are still firm. Good, typical Vinsobres, an STGT wine with the vintage running through its veins. 2018-20 March 2009

2005 ()

black cherry, cool elements in the bouquet, also tea, chocolate. Tightly-knit black fruits come in a ripe style, there is a very early burst of tannin. Raspberry, violet, cocoa aftertaste. From mid-2009 on. 2019-21 April 2006

2004 ()

soft red, plum colour. Mulled, minted black berries on bouquet, and some earthiness in back. Brewed, interesting fruit on palate, with licorice flecks. Good, clear finish, its tannins lightly guide it. Can evolve well, has an STGT tendency. 20114-16 March 2007 Previously April 2006 **(*) (vat) sound robe, even if is a little matt in tone. Steamed red fruits, wild strawberry jam aroma that moves towards a cough syrup style - the fruit is a little "high". Red cherry flavour on palate, especially late on. Some end tannin here, but the finish is dry. OK now, maybe softer in 2007. I am unsure about how it will evolve, the fruit isn't very pure or brisk. 2009-10 April 2006


prominent, pushy bouquet, streamlined red jam, licorice, varied and broad. Fresh style on palate, with brambly, stone fruit mix. Tannins are present, but not dry. Front palate fruit is good. Quiet vigour, shows some local character. 2010-11 Feb 2006, Montpellier Previously March 2005 *** mid-weight bouquet, soft, brewed side too, quite a local feel. Cooked red fruits start to taste, some tannin around it adds rigour. Fruit is clear cut, agreeable overall. Esp 2006 on. 2009-10. March 2005, Rhone


middle depth robe. Quite a clear, unforced bouquet of quietly cooked red fruits. Sinewed red fruits with some tannic edging on palate. Slight bone around it, means it is dry towards the end. Will be more enjoyable in 2005. To 2010. Feb 2004