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The Wines

Appellation Réglementée par Décret, oak cask raised, digestif spirit


a marvellous magnum: gold hued, appealing robe of good brilliance. The aroma travels far from the glass, leads on a refined cognac, grapey air, notes of wax, smoke, pear, a cooked lemon touch, caramel. The attack is suave, comes with a highly silken feel, runs with much finesse and very well extended length, a cluster of grapey intent on the rounded, stately finish. This is a real treat, has a marvellous texture that caresses with dabs of detail, saltiness, vintage orange marmalade towards the finish. The aftertaste is salted, nutty, leaves the palate as clear as a whistle. It will live many years more. 42°. Sept 2020