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The Wines

80% purchased Syrah crop, 20% purchased Syrah wine, destemmed, 2-3 week vinification, pumping overs, cap punching, steel vat raised 10 months (until early 2010s was raised 6-8 months in 60% vat, 40% 2-3 228-litre oak casks), filtered, 160-200,000 b

2019 ()

dark red robe; an aroma of black cherry, ripe with abundance, leads the nose, notes of fruit gums, succulence present, a hint of musky flowers. The palate sets off with a wave of black cherry fruit, trimmed with  licorice, is true to its place, carries the surge of fruit that should come from the vineyards on the plain. There is some bite, salt in the tannins. It’s a fulsome Crozes with plenty to entertain. Drink with red meats, spaghetti Bolognese, soya-based dishes, indeed a wide variety. 14°. 2026-27 March 2021

2018 ()

dark red, purple tinted robe. The bouquet comes forward on a wave of black cherry fruit, has inner sweetness, a touch of florality, is a plump start. The palate has a savoury, fluid nature, coasts along on cherry fruit with a little latent power derived from the hot vintage. It’s a ripe affair, and shows the rays of the vintage, its balance therefore a little under question. The finish clusters a little set of fine grain tannins. 14°. 2025-26 Nov 2019


sober, dark robe; the nose is smoky, vegetal, comes with prune, black berry fruits, is a trifle clipped. The palate is quietly robust, garners a foot stomping dry-toned drive, becomes tough, and is hard to drink right now. It could have been raised longer, I feel. There is a trickle of black fruit on the close, so all is not lost. Try from late 2019 at the earliest, decanting advised. 13.5°. 2029-30 Dec 2018


dark red, full robe. The nose runs on suave black cherry fruits with reduction, a note of musky flowers. The palate bears cool, likeable fruit with a spot of energy, so it drinks clearly, ends on the up. This is classic wine bar Crozes, w.o.w. wine, solo drinking fine for it. The fruit makes an instant hit. 13.5°. 160,000 b. €15 at the cellars. 2021-22 Oct 2016


shiny dark red. The nose is appealing, mixes black cherries and berries, has a sweet refrain. The palate sequels well, introducing supple black cherry fruit with a touch of pepper and licorice, the tannins clear and nicely crisp. This is stylish, up market Cozes red. The fruit continues well - I really enjoy it. 12.5°. From spring 2017 to allow it to fuse. 2021-22  Oct 2015


dark robe. The nose gives an open, dark berry aroma with reduction present, so decant this; it comes with a perfumed sidecar. The palate fruit is mulled in nature, has a touch of sweetness, is near liqueur in style. This offers good, straightforward drinking – it is easy to like and appreciate this. Grills, sausages, cottage pie etc all good with it. 13°. €13 at the cellars. To 2020.  Jan 2015


dark robe; the nose presents a broad filling, meaty droplets, a subdued air of black jam fruit, grainy nudges. The palate takes up the breadth and close-knit fabric of the nose. The juice is closeted by its tannins for now, since it shows a only a small concentration of juice. It lengthens into a good charge, nicely bodied, lightly floral end, is a well-measured, superior Crozes. Serious, varied, with nuance and good drinkability. From late 2014. 13°. 2020-21  Nov 2013

2011 ()

dark robe. Has a husky bouquet that is wide, and combines honey, treacle, black berry jam, cassis coulis. The palate holds easy black fruit with a plump centre. A little grainy tannin clusters at the end. Workmanlike Crozes, it is OK, but . . . The finish will be more complete and better integrated by mid-2013.  13°. To 2017  Nov 2012


quite a dark red; there is an air of reduction in a stewed fruit bouquet - it needs decanting to free it and unleash a clearer air. There is also a touch of rubber, along with flowers, a classic N Rhône Syrah. The palate holds mulberry style fruit, is gummy and the tannins are closely sealed into it. It ends on a lip-smacking roundness. This is good – it is long and sustained, offers plenty for the drinker. 2018-19 May 2012 Previously June 2011 ***(*) (vat/cask) steady, quite deep red. Scented, floating, floral airs, plus a wee reduction. Was racked and assembled 10 days ago. Charming fruit, the palate flows easily, has a little sweetness in it, ends roundly. All very pleasant and easy to drink. Decent length. To 2016. June 2011


full robe, dark interior. The nose mixes black fruit, spice, coffee, is clean-cut. Good départ of upright black fruit on the palate – there is muscle in this, it gains weight and intrigue as it goes, has a successful, complete length. Less oak from 2013, but can be drunk now. The aftertaste shows licorice, is good and firm. 2019-21 Nov 2010


fair red; raspberry jam aroma that shows typical but low-key Syrah. Tight palate, I can taste the acidity through this, its red fruit comes and goes as it offers brief, separate moments of taste. Disorganised now. Acidity tightens the finish, which has vegetal notes. From mid-2010. 12.5°. To 2012-13. Dec 2009


dark robe; raw, unfinished nose – sappy, hammock-like black fruit with black olives in the air – this is reductive, but wide at the same time. The palate is still upright – it is an elemental, robust wine that ends rather drily. There is a trail of pepper and licorice included in its “dark” elements, until a snappy, pushy finish. Not sure about its balance. From late 2009. To 2015. Dec 2008

2006 ()

black tints in the robe; the bouquet is certainly ripe – has a slight blackberry jam aroma, with a gamey air and an offbeat note of roasted chicken and hazelnut. The palate black fruit is delivered in a comfortable fashion, is nice and squeezy, all comes en rondeur, and persists. The tannins have been assimilated, and the fruit is fleshy but also bouncy. Best to drink young – is an easy to like, easy to drink w.o.w. wine. 2011-12 Jan 2008


sleek black robe; black berry fruit delivered in a ripe, even rather high, over-ripe fashion on the nose: it is full but a bit square in shape right now. The palate is at a primary stage, shows a flash of black fruit that is nutted from its oak. Needs leaving until second half 2008 to integrate and settle, and above all, round out. A straight line wine now. 2014-15 Dec 2006


peppered, mild fruit bouquet that is rather narrow. Fresh, zappy fruit on start, but no real core that sticks around. Direct shape, can be more rounded by 2007. Low-key this year. 2009 April 2006

2003 ()

(cask) floral, savoury black fruit aroma, sweet. Berried fruit, truffle, earthy content. Slight rotted fruit aspect, but agreeable. Violets, alcohol on finish. 2007 on. 2013-16 Dec 2004 Previously (tank) *** very ripe grape aroma. Full, broad palate, lot of juice. Compoté style, a sit-down wine.

2002 ()

some smoky, upright red fruit, licorice on bouquet. Overall rather dry, red fruits a bit lean. Uneven, hope it can settle if left towards late 2005. Dec 2004 Previously ** light soil/truffle, gamey nose; nice cassis fruit, confit touches, correctly plump end. Not that clear-cut. Esp 2005-07


earthy/tar, stewed fruit nose; redcurrant, decent weight, tasty end. Good now. 2008-09

2000 ()

sweet, simple fruit gum nose. Medium-weight, fruit springs out well. Lacks true core. Some end blackcurrant. Facile, OK. 2007-08.


black fruit, rather stern bouquet, touch dull; ripe style fruit, nice squeeze of it, correct and drinkable. 2006-08