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The Wines

50-60% Grenache (1936), 25-35% Mourvèdre (mid-1980s), 5-25% Syrah from 1.25 hectare on lightly stony, clay-sand soils on the garrigue plateau of Les Pigières (W), 20-30 day vinification, daily pumping overs, cap punching, part vat emptying/refilling, raised concrete vat 8-10 months, unfined, filtered, "drink with red meat, game, cheese", 4,600-6,000 b

2018 ()

shiny dark red; the nose is reduced, so needs air. There is a hump of stewed fruit at its centre, a Grenache fatness. The palate holds stylish, smooth running dark red fruits with life, clarity in the late stages, a menthol, spearmint stretch on the finish. It has sound structure, can develop the length of the fruit with another 18 months or so. 15°. 6,000 b. 60% Gren, 35% Mourv, 5% Syr. €15 at cellars. From spring 2021. 2035-37 Feb 2020

2017 ()

shiny, quiet dark red. The nose needs air given its reduction, has a red cherry fruit aroma that is stewed, sweet, a trifle plain. The palate holds red cherry stone, near to kirsch flavouring, is a little on the upper limit on its degree, delivers a genuine, hearty glass, with gummy tannins on the finish. Good with rib of beef, beef daube, game stews. The aftertaste has a little crunch form the tannins. Decanting a good move. 15°. From spring 2019. 2032-34 Oct 2018


matt tones to the dark red colour. The bouquet produces some grilling mixed with cooked Damson plum fruit, and a darker note of tobacco. The palate holds spicy plum fruits, has a Grenache imprint, with pebbly, crisp tannins, tar from them, on the close. This has discreet weight and sound, pretty fresh length. There are good tar, menthol, herbs’ influences on the aftertaste. This is attractive and local. 14.5°. 6,000 b. Bottled 30 June 2017. 60% Gren, 35% Mourv, 5% Syr. €15. From spring 2018. 2027-28 Oct 2017

2015 ()

healthy red robe; the bouquet has a friendly depth via stewed black fruits with a touch of sweetness, a note of darkness in the fruit, licorice, and a hint of vegetal. There is a hint of reduction. The palate holds enjoyable, rather fleshy content with a salted cut in the late moments as the powdered and slightly dry tannins kick in. This is an honest country wine, the length is sound, and it will go well with beef, stews. It has a tasty mid-palate, a little savoury flourish in there. It combines black fruits with licorice in the flavour. It drinks now. 14.5°. 6,000 b. 60% Gren, 35% Mourv, 5% Syr. €14 at the cellars is very fair. Bottled June 2016. 2022-23 May 2017


2 bottles tasted. Bottle 1: dark robe. Overt reduction on the nose, so there is a high pong beyond the sweet curve of black berry fruit within. A note of laurel accompanies it. There is a spritz on the palate, carbonic gas perhaps, and it runs with an unsteady hand. A Wild Child as it stands, unmade wine. The fruit rather fizzles out on the finish. I suspect the second bottle will be the same, but you never know. Bottle 2: still reduced, a touch clearer, as is the palate, with a little more fruit carry but a bitter-tar tone as well. But it’s disorganised, and has the urge almost to re-ferment. Licorice finale. Can’t see this getting out of gaol. 14.5°. 6,000 b. 60% Gren, 35% Mourv, 5% Syr. €14. Bottled Aug 2015.  Dec 2015 


dark red. Has a soft raspberry first aroma, a gentle sweep of sweetness, works within tidy parameters, not showy. There is a red meat presence, a touch of reduction. The palate is also founded on a harmonious, trim display of red berry fruit, and takes on fresh drive before the finish. The sign-off tingles with crisp black pepper. The Grenache is clearly presented, very much in a cool vintage vein. Not yet an ensemble: drink from mid-2017. 14.5°. 2026-27  Dec 2015  Previously Dec 2014 **(*) purple-garnet hue. The nose gives red fruit aromas with a floral, herbaceous note. The palate is sweet on the attack, then dry and chewy on the finish, the alcohol present as well. Not really in balance. This is of limited long-term interest. 14.8°. Bottled 26 Aug 2014. 60% Gren, 35% Mourv, 5% Syr. 4,600 b. €14 at the cellars. From 2016. 2021-22 JL Dec 2014

2012 ()

good dark red; there are appealing speckles of scented dust in the bouquet, a nose of garrigue and dark, mulled berry fruit, a supple black cherry. This is a promising, stylish nose with a good core to it. The palate is centred well on black berry and blueberry fruit, and lengthens soundly, has fresh instincts. Early, smooth drinking from mid-2014. This is a nice, neat package that last well, has a ripe fruit, supple texture, while the finish bunches up. 6,000 b. €13.50 retail at the cellars, fair price again at €8 export. 50% Gren, 25% Mourv, 25% Syr this year. 2019-20  Dec 2013

2010 ()

dark, shiny red that suggests non-Grenache contributors (tasted blind). Has a wide, brimming nose, lots to offer right away. There is smoke, wee chocolate in its deep, dark fruit – one can sense a good ripeness there. It is modern, clean-cut, off we go with the fruit`s brightness. Juicy, engaging black berry flavour here – it is fluid, carries well, ends with sprinkled , lightly powdery tannins, a good energy. This offers really nice quite early drinking, can almost do well solo. There is latent glow on the aftertaste, the balance is good, is nearly w.o.w. – a good bistrot wine. If you like bold fruit and the taste of fresh, active tannins, go for it now. 15°. From spring 2012. 5,000 b. 60% Gren, 35% Mourv, 5% Syr this year. Very fair price at €8 export. 2024-26 Dec 2011