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Syrah (early 1990s-2010), includes 25% Saint-Pierre, destemmed, cool maceration, 20 day vinification, wild yeasts, twice daily pumping overs, 1-2 cap punchings, aged 2-10 year oak casks 12 months (no racking), casks assembled 4 weeks before bottling, fined, unfiltered, first wine 1997, 15-20,000 b

2018 ()

sombre, dark robe; the nose has a little oxtail, with blue fruit, a relative coolness. The palate gives jolly black berry fruit right away, runs freely, and is enjoyable already. It is well juiced, the tannins are mild, and the length is sound. It’s good and drinkable, is a w.o.w. Cornas – that’s a rare bird, but perhaps a sign of the demand for "instant pleasure" times we live in. There’s a touch of fine powder tannin on the finish, which over another year will start to infuse. 14°. 18,660 b. €24. 2033-35 Nov 2019


full, dark red, handsome robe. The nose is brightly fruited, frank, bears elegantly sweet raspberry fruit, notes of herbes de Provence, a little vegetal cut. It’s a promising start. The palate bears iron-threads and is fresh, carries bonny red berry fruits with a good surge and freedom, fruits that engage and last well. They lead into fine powder tannins that complement the finish. This is genuine, immediate Cornas delivered with nice open style. It is bottled already. From late-2019 to draw more out. 2033-35 Dec 2018 Previously Nov 2018 *** (casks) decent red robe; raspberry fruits are prominent on the nose which comes with smoke, cigarette ash, red cherries, is very juvenile, not varied. The palate presents cool red fruits which are regular, is a wine of some gusto, is a go-go Cornas for earlier drinking than most. It delivers iron moments after half way; it’s a bit light for a true Cornas, lacks some depth. 13°. From 2020. 2034-35 London, Nov 2018

2016 ()

(casks) dark robe, black with purple. The bouquet doesn’t hesitate, comes right out with a free aroma of black berry fruits and licorice, some pine, has an oily depth. The palate strikes out on a trail of black cherries, with a good, prevailing freshness running through it. The juice is most engaging, very enjoyable, has a cavalier delivery. The tannins are streamlined, and give the wine a final burst, a spearmint close. This is good, lively, floral Cornas, that has a correct mineral thread, and will appeal. 13°5. From late 2018. 2027-30 Nov 2017 Previously July 2017 ***(*) (6 year 228-litre cask) dark robe, a full black-purple. Licorice with blueberry-blackberry airs on the nose, with a hint of violet. The palate gives good grip, right away, bears streamlined fruit that is nice and active. It runs with fine grain tannin, offers a sweet spot towards the finish. This is accessible Cornas, not one requiring time. The palate fruit resembles mulberry, loganberry, and is well open. There are peppery moments within it. From 2019. 2026-27 July 2017


very dark robe. Has a firm, deep coulis of blackberry aroma, a touch of licorice, some mulberry. The palate has an immediate granite/mineral presence, extends surely with concentrated cassis-blueberry fruit. The close is firm, decisive; there is a touch of herbs there also. It’s still young. Ideally, drink from 2019. Bottled April 2017. 14°. 2029-30 July 2017 Previously Oct 2016 ***(*) (casks) deep robe. The bouquet gives blackberry fruit with a damp earth aspect, a note of reduction. It has a sweet inner force. The palate bears carbonic gas on debut, holds puckish red berry fruits with a savoury, gourmand take towards the finish, a coulis of red berries there. This is a rounded Cornas, slightly manoeuvred to show early in its life. 14°. 18,000 b. €11.80. From mid-2018. 2026-28 Oct 2016


red robe, wee purple tints. Has a lightly smoky, rocky air, with raspberry fruit present. There is direct delivery of red berry fruit on the palate, is very clear. There is a small ball of fluid gras towards the finish. This is CHR (Café/Hotel/Restaurant) style Cornas. 13°. 20,000 b. 2020-22 Dec 2015 Previously Oct 2015 *** (casks) dark colour; the nose combines crushed nutshells, black cherry, a little leaf mould, sweet herbs – a mixed bag. The palate holds suave black fruit with a sweet, coulis style, a little bit of a floral hint present. The finish is mild. An orderly Cornas, without the real flair and drive of the best. 13°. 15,000 b. €11.30. From 2017. 2023-24  Oct 2015 


full, dark red. Has a baked, nutty air, dried black raisin, grilling – this is a solid sort of bouquet. There are inky, fruit pulp moments on the palate, which is a tiny bit extracted. The tannins are dark, so leave this until mid-2017. The fruit resembles black cherry – it is lucid, a tiny bit taut. It is a bit tucked up, and time will help. 13°. 2025-26 £192/12 bots in bond Berry Brothers 0800 280 2440 +44(0)207 022 8973  www.bbr.com  Jan 2015

2012 ()

bottled 11 days ago, for the Marché de Cornas. Red robe, wee purple. Has a quietly red-fruited nose, soft and not obvious, with a little more depth to come from it over time. There is a hint of acetate on the texture of the palate; the red cherry fruit is a bit tight; the fruit and tannin do not present a full fit. Modern Cornas, without great body. 13°. 2020-21 Dec 2013


quite a dark red. Reduction and earthiness feature in the bouquet which has an oily set of crushed red berries, definite animal notes: it is a pretty open start. There is early action in the red fruits here, and a flavour of small cooked berries at its centre, which give an appeal of small gras richness, a note of tar-stretching towards the finish. It is a bit hyperactive for a Cornas. Get on and do Cornas, no frills. 13°. 2020-21  Nov 2013  Previously Sept 2012 ***(*) (casks) dark red, attractive robe. Oily, attractive, mulled blackberry aroma that has licorice in it – there is a free air here, a nose with a well judged fullness that is approachable and willing. Cassis, crushed barriers flavour comes with the scent of violets on the palate, before closing on tannin and licorice. Promising. From late 2014, for instance. Decent balance. 2022-24  Sept 2012


purple robe; smoked, jam fruit aroma with a good, oily spot in its middle, a ripe certainty; red cherry is foremost in this rather wide bouquet. The palate fruit is welcoming, combines freedom and ripeness, so it moves through the palate well, is textured and its tannins appear right on cue – they lend extra depth and support. It is just getting going. There is good tang, snap on the aftertaste. A fun wine that can be decanted for now. Modern and stylish drinkability, has evolved very correctly in the past year or so. 13°. 2022-23  Sept 2012  Previously Nov 2011 **** inky dark red, bright robe. Creamy, sunny black fruits aroma, that bears just a little “high” note for now, but is all orderly and promising. The fruit aroma itself is clear. It is open in style. Debut of lively black fruits that have licorice flavour attached, and rather crisp tannins. The fruit is good and clear, and it moves in a well-directed way along the palate, running straight, as befits a less solar vintage. There is a warm glow on the finale. Good drinkability, a wine that leans towards w.o.w. since its fruit is its real ace card. From 2013. 2020-22 Nov 2011


(casks) thorough, full, bright robe. Crunchy, oily aroma that is set to curve out into a round shape; it is well-fruited, and comes with mineral, medicinal airs as well. The palate starts on mature black fruit, soaked in nature, the texture fleshy, the fruit rather “high”. Has a sweet, slightly savoury finish. It seems that this has been made for early drinking (tasted blind), in the modern way. It ends on a firm note, the length OK. From late 2011. 2018-19 Nov 2010

2008 ()

red with a little black in it; reticent nose – a little fresh red cherry fruit, a quiet throb, also raisin, chocolate. The palate has light fruit, with a grainy nature. Modern style wine, but there is Syrah clarity. Rather lean, even thin. Can be drunk now, but has no really big flavours, and another six months post-bottling may help it to settle. Bottled 10 days ago. 13°. 2015-16 Dec 2009


dark red with a mauve top. Has a reserved, slightly upright smoky blackberry aroma, with sizzling bacon and pine. The palate holds bright black berry fruit that is nice and actively appealing, and the late matter to give it grounding. It runs on well, with its fruit well present. Fun Cornas – allez! Can be drunk early on. “The St-Pierre element brings acidity and freshness,” V. Paris. Bottled 10 days. 2014-15 Dec 2008 Previously June 2008 *** (6-7 year cask) not greatly intense purple, but beau all the same. The nose is compact and nicely grainy with fruit reserves under it – it is clear, with a little grilling in it. There is a charming fruit départ on the palate, with a little sweetness in the red fruit, but a steady progress through the palate – a good sign. Has a little late Cornas grip and tightening. A fruit-led, clean version of Cornas. Life of 10-12 years. To be bottled Dec 2008. June 2008

2006 ()

dark, bright black cherry colour; has a high resolution nose –red berries such as mulberries infused with a little sweetness – it comes across on a wide front, and holds its ground, is just a bit yeasty. The red fruits deliver a tasty debut to the palate, and a pretty little sweetness is here until, on cue, a few ripe tannins appear to lend it final direction and purpose. It ends cleanly, roundly. From 2009, though it can be drunk for its primary fruit and fun now, with grilled foods, or a mushromm pasta. Modern style Cornas in its upbeat fruit. 2018-20 Jan 2008 Previously Dec 2007 *** dark, bright red. Has a liqueur, mulled fruit aroma that is open, with a touch of oiliness in the black berry. The palate carries fleshy fruit with tannic lining, before a clear, quite mineral finish. Has the polish of a modern wine. Sound tannic structure here, the tannins well present on the palate. The length is good, with the fruit lasting most of the way. Nice drinking around 2009 on. 2016-18. Bottled 10 days ago Dec 2007

2005 ()

dark, purple-filled robe; compact, well-filled bouquet that carries a raspberry coulis air with a little pepper – an aroma of some mystery and promise. Has a clear thrust on the attack – its fruit moves along with some low profile richness. Good length. Its shape is a bit rigorous now, but it can open and soften from late 2008. 2018-19 Dec 2006


bright dark red with a little violet; very reduced, initially stinky bouquet - DECANT this, even several times. The underlay is of red fruit, and with air an oiliness of red fruit and wax emerges. Quite a brisk red, cherry style fruit starts the palate. The tannins lining it are a little lean on first opening, but the wine again becomes smoother with air - and shows red fruit with a little tension in it. Has the vintage style of being a little narrow. Peppery aftertaste also settles and the length is correct after two hours. From spring 2008 for more immediate roundness. 2018-20 June 2007 Previously Dec 2005 *** good black-purple robe. Waxen, sleek black fruit nose. Palate black fruit is cautious, with the potential to express more. Some tannins here, is an elegant form of Cornas, clean and quite modern. Esp 2008 on. 2014-15 Dec 2005

2002 ()

nose - grilled notes, some fruit under; fair fruit, mid-weight, some sap. 2010-12


firm, grilled, ripe/full nose, black fruit; compact, clean modern style fruit. Suave/direct, up front. Fair length. 2010-12


open, even olive/fruit nose; nice red fruits, modern. Open, quite straight/clear; peppery edge, oily, length OK. 2008-10.