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The Wines

30-58% Grenache, 4-35% Syrah, 25-50% Mourvèdre, from L’Ebrescade, La Ridel sites at 300 metres, Les Garrigues, La Combe d’Henry, semi-destemmed, 8-12 day vinification days vinification, 35% Mourvèdre & some Grenache cap submerged, 65% semi-carbonic maceration, aged new-2 year large 24 hl barrels, used 600-litre oak casks 18 months then concrete vat 4-6 months (total raising time up from 8-9 months to 24 months since cellar enlarged in early 2010s), fined, filtered, 12,000 b


dark, sustained robe; the bouquet brims up on concerted black fruits, intense notes of black cherry, wild blueberry coulis. It’s not yet advanced to a stage of offering variety, is extremely young. The palate has a sweet tenor throughout, coasts along on a thick wave of black cherry style fruit, is seamless and sustained into a tasty, nourishing finale, ripe tannins add their couch. The fruit has lovely definition. This is a delight, a balanced, complete, STGT Cairanne, for the long haul, a major 2016. 15.5°. 17,250 b. 50% Mourv, 30% Gren, 20% Syr. From spring 2021. Decant it. 2038-40 Mar 2019 Previously Feb 2019 **** dark robe; has a raw, just out of the vat aroma, prune, menthol, cough lozenges, a very sure heart to it. The palate links well to the nose, is on genuine and ground strength, reaches out with muscular force, is mighty in style, is wine of the hot sun of the South and baked plains. The tannins are crunchy, and there are black olives notes on the aftertaste. It’s certainly not for the faint hearted, you can’t drink much of it. Decant it. 15.5°. From 2022. 2039-41 Feb 2019


red robe, still young. The nose is attractive, with red fruits, mulberry, cherry liqueur, sweet herbs; it comes forward well. The palate has good sinew, a weave of red fruits, plums, with spices, menthol. It has a naked form, is nicely unforced, presents the case yet again for the 2014 vintage. It is STGT wine of character, with joli mineral vibrancy within, fresh length. It drinks well now, will go very well with lamb and rosemary. 14.5°. 58% Gren, 38% Mourv, 4% Syr. 2021-22 Oct 2017

2013 ()

(bottling Sept 2015) shiny, pretty dark red robe. The nose has a salted, nutty quality with ripe, prune-like fruit at its core, Zan licorice and pepper – it is typical of 2013. The palate sits together well, isn’t that expressive just now. There is an attractive point of juice as it ends, which is encouraging. This is rather fine, and more pure than many 2013s, good and fresh. It delivers licorice on the exit. From 2017.  2022-24  Apr 2015


dark, full robe. Black olives, a varied nose with supple black fruit aromas as well, a delicious ripe prune heart to it. This is a good start. The palate is flamboyant, led by similar ripe black berry fruit set in a fleshy content, the tannins ripe and largely bendy, giving. This has good local charge, and is clear as it ends, the aftertaste scented. 14.5°. 40% Gren, 30% Syr, 30% Mourv. The Grenache was just 20 hl/ha this year – Syrah and Mourvèdre were 35 hl/ha. Bottled Sept 2014. 2020-21  Apr 2015


dark, thorough robe; ripe blackberry fruit and prune aroma with dates, baked prune tart extra weight and licorice – all in a mixed bouquet. The palate has an oily, ripe outer coating, with fine qualities in its fruit, which runs fluidly along the palate. Its tannins fit in well before the finish. Good balance helps to tune its scale into line. This is a good, proper sit-down wine. It drinks OK now, with its early vigour on parade. 15°. 48% Gren, 35% Mourv, 17% Syr this year. 2020-22 Feb 2012


bright plum red colour; there is a sense of reduction on the nose, whose heart is made up of plump ripe fruit that drifts across it. There is an agreeable sense of fat, and the nose keeps going well. The palate is evolving gently, with a grouped flavour, smoky tannins. Solid, mid-depth tannins are still evident. This has good core and a late rose influence that is joli. 14.5°. To 2018. Feb 2012 Previously March 2011 *** full, jolly red; mulled red berries that are scented and sympa on the nose – it has a glisten of sweetness in it. Red jelly, red jam flavour on the palate drives along well, is textured, and only shows a light dusting of late tannin. The flavour is a strong red cherry. Is a shade short (2008). 14.5°. 2016-17 March 2011 Previously Nov 2009 *** (large barrel part) *** very appealing burst of black cherry fruit – the bouquet is vibrant. This is a juicy, real pleasure wine – holds a lot of quite sweet, tasty fruit, has a good little tannin support, and is long. Soaked cherry flavour here, nice pucker of tannin. (concrete vat part) *** quite dark; prominent black cherry jelly aroma, three-quarter depth, rounded curve to it. There is nice grain in the palate black fruit, backed by a discreet line of tannin. OVERALL *** w.o.w. wine – the concrete part is less enclosed than the barrel part, has more “space” in it. Delightful wine. 14.5° - but it doesn't show that. “This will be ready quite early,” M.Richaud. 2014-16 Nov 2009


full robe; almost a sultry nose – ripe black fruit, a touch of raisin, prune, also cocoa airs. The palate has a juicy debut – griottes (soaked black cherries) – and plump, smiling features. It continues into a little tannic gathering. The finish is very full, and not heated – it just glows there. Needs a little time – drink from mid-2010. 15.5°. 2017-18 Nov 2009

2006 ()

full red, good core; lining of licorice around the its cassis fruits, a hint of game entering, a sort of blackberry/cassis coulis in the air. The palate is further back in its evolution – it is not yet singing, has work to do. There is good, evolving fruit, but it is still on its tannins and is quite charged up. It ends firmly, with pebbly feel. From mid-2010. €17 here at cellars. 2016-17 Nov 2009 Previously Feb 2009 ***(*) full, bonny robe; blackberry, rosemary herb, roast pork aromas in a bouquet that is wide and truly southern. The palate displays clean-limbed black fruit, has a juicy heart and delivers continued flavour all through. It is still primary, its fruit delightful, bearing floral tones that are often associated with this domaine. There is a little late tannin, bringing forward a shade of dryness, and that tannin will be more inset from spring 2010. 14.5°. 2014-15 Feb 2009


compact, tight, upright black fruit aroma, sleek, quite modern, on the large extraction trail, some mid-bouquet sweetness. Palate starts with highlighted black fruit, a little herbal, quite muscular. Spirity touch on finish. Meaty finale, macerated, ripe black fruits. A wine of character, not a classic of its terroir. 2009-10 October 2005, Copenhagen

1993 ()

dark robe, plenty of black. There is some southern heat in the nose, pepper and leather style aromas more than fruitiness. The palate is still making its way, getting together; it has fruit and supple tannins, decent length. But: it does seem over-pushed, too extracted, and lacks generosity. This is a Parker, early flashiness wine, which I have revised downwards from ***(*) to **(*). £8.49 in GB. 2001-03 July 1995