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The Wines

70-90% Grenache, 5-20% Syrah, 0-10% Carignan at clay with limestone, galet stone soils at 290-395 metres, partly destemmed, 4 day crop cooling at 7°C, 3 week steel vat vinification, pumping overs, part vat emptying/refilling, then 4 week maceration, aged 50-60% concrete vat, 40-50% 1 year 550-litre oak casks (until late 2000s was 2 year 225-litre oak casks) 10-12 months, fined, filtered, 15,000 b


(vat/casks) sound dark red robe; the aroma is very leesy, a real brut de cuve, straight out of the vat style. The nose isn’t yet stable. The palate fruit is sleek, well textured. Too raw to judge fully now, but the basis is sound. It builds tannins at the end. 2019-20  June 2013

2011 ()

sober dark red colour, legs. This has a mildly coated blackberry aroma – the central bouquet is quietly rich, has a brioche-biscuity angle, mineral cut. The palate replicates the nose – this is a rich, sunny, obvious wine that teeters on its power, a spirit note lurking. It needs food to help it over that – a tajine would be good with this, for instance. Pretty authentic. Its fruit runs well, is broad and tasty, upfront. Its power is on the limit, but it delivers satisfaction. 14°. 70% Gren, 20% Syr, 10% Cari, €9 export this year. 2018-19  June 2013


dark robe, legs. Broad, big capacity bouquet – it holds prune and ample, ripe blackberry at its heart, notes of pine that are reminiscent of the hills, with backdrop hints of black pepper, mocha, rubbed warm stones. The palate carries the ripe fruit of 2010, a mass of dense berry jam with some licorice and tannin corners, and a bonny late spot of raspberry, a revival of more airborne features there. Interesting, varied and on la bonne route now – there is a lot here. The aftertaste assembles tobacco, and a tight, grainy cluster of tannin. It is a big scale wine, can be decanted. 14°. 90% Gren, 5% Cari, 5% Syr, €4.80 export this year. 2019-20 Oct 2012

2006 ()

mauve, plum robe; elegant, blackberry aroma – has a soft jam air with a little pep in it, a touch of menthol and floral together. The palate is soft and easy natured – there is black fruit with a mild tannic inlay. The length is good. This makes for supple drinking – solo or with white meats, lunches outdoors, for instance. Very much a w.o.w. wine. Its little sweet tone persists, it is harmonious and has no false pretensions. A grand drop. To 2010. June 2008

2005 ()

red with black traces. Tight, rather bosky, slightly resinous nose – its shape is pointed. The palate is similar – like the nose, it is direct, rather tucked up, lacks comfortable matter. There is an arrow shape to this. Dry-toned finish. “I used too much oak, and I am not pleased with my assemblage,” A. Fabre. Drink now. June 2008