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The Wines

70% Grenache, 25% Syrah, 5% Mourvèdre (av age 35 yrs in 2015), mainly from clay-limestone soils at La Garrigue de Grangeon, the route de Carpentras, La Marine, 70-75% destemmed, 12-15 day vinification, wild yeasts only, fermentation starts at 14°C to extend the vinification, final temperature 30°C, pumping overs, concrete vat raised 12 months, unfined, filtered, has risen from 35-45,000 b to 60,000 b


dark red; the bouquet has a gravy, savoury aroma, grilling and herbs, an inset of subdued cooked plum. The palate is firm, unyielding, gives dark fruits before a slightly burnt tone to the second half, with an onset of dry-toned, vigorous tannins. The question here revolves around its evolution – fusion or outsider? It’s a typical 2017 in that respect. 14.5°. 60,000 b. 70% Gren, 25% Syr, 5% Mourv. From spring 2021. 2029-30 Feb 2020

2013 ()

(vat) garnet hue with a light rim on the robe. Red berry and spice combine on the nose. There is greater intensity on the palate, which has an abundant red fruit flavour – it is sweetly fruited and generous. The finish is firm, dry and clean. There is some ageing potential here. 14°. From 2016. 2022-23 JL Dec 2014


shiny plum red robe. The nose is tender – it has airs of pepper, red berries, strawberry and also licorice lift. This is a wine to drink solo – it bears clear-cut red fruit, with peppery tang late on, is good and drinkable. It keeps going well in that easy to drink mode. Grills, pasta suited. 14°. To 2018  March 2015

2011 ()

steady red, very Grenache robe. Smoky, dark cooked plum air, accompanied by tobacco and herbs such as laurel – a good bouquet. The palate is centred on Grenache fat, which is measured, bears a red berry flavouring, shows slight advance. Its tannins are smoky, cedary. This going well, isn’t quite all together yet, and will be better near end 2013, or early 2014. It ends freshly enough, with toffee touches, and the aftertaste is a bit cooked for now – a 2011 feature. 14°. 2020-21  May 2013


shiny, deep-set red, good brilliance in the robe. The nose is reserved, gives a latent sense of Grenache plum fruit within, has depth and will offer plenty. It is well seasoned with cigar and cedar touches. The palate has a dense early coating – this is a Grenache-centric wine, very tight and even subdued now. I think the influence of the cold winter is still here. It has the stamp of 2010 in the form of its freshness and a complex mix of fruit and tannin. “Last week all my 2012, 2011 and 2010 wines weren’t tasting well,” Cécile Dusserre. 14°. From spring 2014. 2026-27  May 2013


mild red; overtly spicy, upfront nose – spiced red jam fruit present. Easy going fruit on the palate – it is direct, but has a fine siding of matter, so drinks easily, with no complication. The finish is peppery. It is right there now, and can be drunk solo as well. To 2014. July 2010

2007 ()

red with some black tints – good robe. Has a broad, intense bouquet that shows Mourvèdre, licorice influences, baked fruits, outcrops of loganberry fruit. There is a roll of bright, black fruit, which runs seamlessly. It ends on the slight dry notes of 2007, has just a curl there. The length is sound, shows herbs there. It is just ending its first fruit vigour, and has the potential to show more, especially 2012 onwards. €9.50 at cellar, good price. 2016-18 July 2010 Previously Nov 2008 *** (vat) full, red cherry robe. Has a stylish red fruit aroma with a little point of darkness, smokiness and tar. The palate also bears rather sleekly textured fruit – red cherries and a liqueur or eau de vie leaning about their taste. It is full to the sides and sustains well through the palate. Has a live, licorice, herb infused finish, which it needs to settle over the next 15 months or so. Holds good content, and its thorough fruit is clean. “This is truly a good year, and we are unlikely to filter it when bottling in 1-2 months` time,” C.Dusserre. 2015-17 Nov 2008

2006 ()

mid+ red depth. Smoky, slightly bacon aroma with red cherry fruit and pepper – this bouquet has a friendly nature, is closing a little. The fruit debut is deep enough, comes approachably and is tightened by some white pepper towards the finish, where the feel is live. Sound length. Rather good to drink this solo. w.o.w. for now to 2010, for instance. Can run to 2013. “It has kept its freshness and not fallen into a more heavy state,” C.Dusserre. Nov 2008

2005 ()

full red that has held up well. Has a red cherry, nutty aroma with a little black berry above all in the air. The palate black fruit has just a hint of severity in it, and ends with a tannic but quite full shape. The wine has richness, but there is combat, and one wonders when the white flag of peace will be raised. From mid-2009 for a bit more sweetness and jam. It is not actually drying on the finish, but is rather bitter there. Hmm. “It held rich aromas at first – a bit less than 2007, but had a structure and was persistent. It may lack a bit of clothing,” C.Dusserre. 2012-13 Nov 2008


red with a slight maturity entering the robe. The bouquet is starting its second phase – baked fruit cake – and is reticent today. The palate is at a mature, drinkable stage – is likeable, persistent. Its grainy fruit comes in the vintage vein - drink with country rather than refined foods. Some late white pepper and tannic assertion, a touch of end dryness. To 2011. Nov 2008

2000 ()

bright, fair red robe. Funky nose that contains stewed, ripe dark fruit. Has a full, ripe attack – this moves nicely. It becomes more tight on the finish. Ripeness correct, but not perhaps 100%. 2010-12 Nov 2002