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The Wines

10-50% Bourboulenc (1978-80), 45-90% Roussanne (1998), 0-5% Clairette (1998), vat fermented, Bourboulenc & Roussanne apart, raised 5 months, malo usually blocked, sometimes completed, 2-4,000 b


this is solid quality white: has a clear yellow robe. The aroma is low-key, gives a floral softness, light nut airs, cooked citrus fruit. There are spiced notes on the palate, easy gras at its centre, just a bit fleeting. It has detail on the finish. It’s ideal for the aperitif, It bears some of the 2018 sweetness, but not in excess. 90% Rouss, 10% Bourb. Bottled March 2019. To 2022 Feb 2019


yellow tinted robe; nuttiness and an air of apricot jam show on the nose, the emphasis is rounded. The palate delivers direct white stone fruit, with a lining of licorice and rather firm moments towards the finish. Suited to food over aperitif. It has some capacity to evolve past its first youth. 13°. To 2018 Apr 2015  


(bottling tomorrow) pale yellow; has a soft, appealing nose – peach, honeysuckle, light nut airs. The palate starts softly, has light grip, measured depth – it continues well, and surprises with its late clarity and agreeable white peach, apricot fruit on the finish. w.o.w. wine. To 2014. Feb 2012


gentle pear aroma, apricot, too, also light apple, and honey. The palate has a little graceful richness and curve – leads to a spiced end, where it grips well, and there is a tiny saltiness in the aftertaste. The Bourboulenc can balance the Roussanne in this. “It has lost its flattering freshness for now,” Jean David. 13°. To 2012. Usual blend of varieties this year. Nov 2008


gentle, bright fruit aroma that comes with a crisp air, with a little ripeness under it, a baked apple notion. It has a tight, sealed debut on the palate – white fruit in the form of an apple-pear combo. This works on a fresh thread, and has a good, clean and crisp end, with late grip, and a touch of aniseed there. 12.5°. Reflects the Bourboulenc faithfully – a very pure example of it. 100% Bourboulenc and malo done this year. To 2011. Drink as an aperitif, or oven cooked fish with lemon, white wine, fennel which would be very good due to the aniseed in the wine. Nov 2008

2005 ()

nice fresh nose, with some ripeness underneath the top air – has a nice style, with light spice and butter. Has a round, peach flavour, good richness – this is wholesome, good and broad, with good length. There is a clear feel to this, a beau vin. To 2010. Nov 2006