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The Wines

50% Grenache, 20% Syrah, 15% Carignan (1960s), 15% Cinsault, from Villes sur Auzon, St Didier, Mazan, Bédoin, Goult, Menerbes, with limestone in the soils, 70% purchased wine, 30% purchased crop, part destemmed, 10 day vinification, steel vat raised 6-7 months, fined, filtered, since 2013 is Vin de France in GB, USA, N Europe, Ventoux in France, Japan, 2 million b

2019 ()

this is Ventoux: shiny, dark red, attractive robe. The bouquet gives a soft blackberry aroma, a note of licorice, is graceful and inviting, with just the right amount of sweetness, little furrows of pleasure. The palate is also shapely, juicy, cosy in feel, with blackberry fruit and ripe, layered tannins giving a gummy, lip smacking finale. It’s on the button now, into its stride in giving easy, aromatic drinking with no effort required. Its juiciness will render it up to a wide variety of dishes. 14°. 2023 Dec 2020


this is Ventoux: dark red colour; the bouquet is softly fruited, centred on nicely ripe blackberry, has an easy to like sweet curl. The palate drinks softly as well, supple black fruits lining its way. It’s well on the go now, is an early wine for convivial moments. 13.5°. To 2022 Oct 2019

2017 ()

this is Ventoux: dark red robe. There’s a good swirl of mulberry and loganberry fruit on the nose, some toffee sweetness, and a note of dusty southern trails. The palate has a rolling, wavy richness, the fruit and content in harmony. It darkens with some tarred tannins before the finish, the length good, clear. It could be a little more refined along the second half, but its attribute is the freshness given the summer conditions; I find the firmness of the Carignan on the aftertaste. 13°.5. 2022-23 Oct 2018

2016 ()

dark red colour. The bouquet has a good, oily quality, leads on licorice, blackberry and cassis extract. The palate rolls along with good heart and polished textures, both content and tannins. The finish gives a little lip-smack. This, as usual, fits the profile of an ideal wine for barbecues, grills. There is a little display of herbes de Provence as it ends. 2020-21 Oct 2017

2015 ()

nice dark red colour. The bouquet engages via a good mix of dried herbes de Provence, damson plums, a little prune. It’s a good start. The palate comes with smoky dark fruits, runs freely, has live freshness and good tannins that help its clarity. There is a good, involving, chewy finish. Well made, ideal for grills, sausages, country foods, pies, but also will accompany saucisson, duck breast. 12.5°. 2020-21  Sept 2016

2014 ()

bright quite dark red robe. Brightly fruited, exuberant and deep blackberry fruit aroma, full of beans, a note of licorice. The palate bears dashing, supple black fruit, and is ready now, its tannins absorbed. The length is good, and it will drink well with barbecued sausages, steaks. This is open and free wheeling Vieille Ferme, on good form, holds lots of lovely fruit. It has open, w.o.w. qualities. To 2018  Oct 2015


attractive purple-tinted robe; there is a peppery clarity, a note of iodine, on the bouquet, airs of crushed red berries, mulberry-like, with a pebbly, dusted angle. Air reveals more of a black cherry presence. This gives loose, clear drinking. The fruit has a a carbonated quality at first, runs along easily, without great body – it has the very easy drinkability of the year. Lightweight wine, agreeable for parties. It tightens a fraction at the end – there is a wee spot of drier tannin there. Decent length. Wine for steak-frites, for instance. Crisp and dry in style. 13.5°. To 2017  Sept 2014


decent red robe. The nose gives an air of small red berry fruits, is willing and open enough, with pepper in it. This soft, easy, uncomplicated wine, round and facile. It has a little carry of its content on the finish, the fruit lasting OK. I’d like more thrust and flair. It does a correct, uninspiring job, is simple, lacks character. There is a note of red jam fruit on the finish. 13.5°. €4.95 at Monoprix, Paris. To 2015. June 2013


dark red, belle robe. Has a jolly air – red berry, licorice, smoke and dust, coffee and herbs. The palate offers glistening, suave fruit with light grain tannins inside. Made for easy, even solo drinking. A little late bite peps it up on the end. This is not far off ready. From 2013 for a bit more display from its dark red fruit. Decent length here, an outbreak of licorice on the finish. 13.5°. To 2016  Oct 2012

2009 ()

bold, bright dark red; broad, likeable, compact cherry aroma that is promising, bodes well. Good palate fruit – clear and continuous. Correct tannin support that adds depth, has a good, clean finish. This works well, is a severely good value w.o.w. wine. Tasted blind – a lively, sunny wine. Now to 2012-13 April 2010


pretty, full red colour; there is some early snap in the bouquet – a combo of blackberry and honey follows, with licorice and raspberry circulating. There is a soft tenor to the palate fruit – this is a supple wine, it is all about fleshy appeal, with a licorice or French Zan, ie ripe tannin, closure. It is fresh thanks to the Ventoux origins – which help the Syrah to be bright. Good length – the Carignan adds late stuffing and depth and grip. A here and now wine, can be drunk solo, in a wine bar, for instance. 13.5°. 2010-11. “I find it very civilised and elegant,” François Perrin. Nov 2008


dark cherry robe; black fruit pastilles or fruit gums aroma, is compact with its density, quite broad, nice and sunny. There is a good strike of fruit on the attack, then a wholesome centre, and a black cherry flavour comes with late nuttiness and a pebbly texture from the tannin, agreeably so. There is good life in this – it moves along well. Can be drunk solo as well, a good drink taken young. To 2010. 13.5°. Nov 2007