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The Wines

35-60% Grenache (1952-1999), 10-35% Mourvèdre (1980s), 8-40% Syrah (1979), 0-14% Cinsault, 0-14% Carignan (1950-60s) from sandy-limestone soils, crushed, destemmed, 2 week vinification, a little more for the Mourvèdre, pumping overs, part vat emptying/refilling at gravity of 1030, raised 70% steel vat, 30% concrete vat 6 months (before mid-2010s aged 65-100% concrete vat, 0-35% (inc Mourvèdre) 3-4 year oak casks 18 months), unfined, filtered, “drink with grills, Mediterranean dishes”, 45-108,000 b


dark robe. The nose is sweet, brewed, a little reduced. It gives an air of “high” raspberry, red berry fruit. The palate has a soaked fruits flavour, is a little on the lush side via its sweetness and rather gummy tannins. This is well juiced now, but I don’t back it to be a long liver: it’s less full of spark and clarity than most. 14.5°. 50% Gren, 40% Syr, 10% Mourv. 60,000 b. €3.95-€4.30. To 2019  June 2016 


steady red robe. There is a breath of power from the nose, a deep-set pepper on top of cooked plum fruit, raspberry. The nose is just a bit plain. The palate starts on darker plum fruit, before a tar, more pitch angle enters and persists. This isn’t yet a harmoniously round wine but can move closer to that. Its raspberry fruit has juice in it, needs 9 months. From late 2014. 15°. 45,000 b this year. 60% Gren, 20% Mourv, 15% Syr, 5% Cins this year. 2018-19  Oct 2013


medium red robe. The nose is cooked, shows smoke-bacon, thyme herbs, subdued red fruits. The palate is genuine, local, and mixes herbs, dry land spices with plum fruit. It revolves more around vigour and sinew than fat and ease, and has a hand made style – I can sense its proximity to the dry outcrops. It grips tightly on the end, with a display of oiliness and black raisin there. To 2017. 44% Gren, 29% Syr, 14% Mourv, 13% Cari, 100% concrete vat raised, 86,000 b, €3.85 export this year.  Oct 2012


rather dark; has a smoky, quite powerful air, a brooding depth of red fruit, baked matter with an ashen, cendré side. The debut to the palate is burnt, takes on smoky, charged tannins, is on the stretch, with oak showing through. Not a settled unit – I see it is not yet bottled, which gives hope. The length is OK, but it just is not an ensemble. Upright shape with loose gras inside. Its charcoal-smoke nature is demanding. From 2013. 2017 Feb 2012


(the assemblage, to be bottled in 4 months) full, steady red. Blackberry, raspberry aroma, also – yes – pink grapefruit airs that add freshness. The palate starts well, is pretty and drinks well. Has lovely, bursting fruit, a sense of purpose about it, is a mobile vin. It ends freshly, is w.o.w. Good solo drinking, or avec the barbecue. Has enough structure for a second stage, too. 14.5°. 2013-14. 36% Grenache, 35% Mourvèdre, 12% Cinsault, 9% Carignan, 8% Syrah this year. Nov 2008

2004 ()

soft red robe; easy-fruited aroma led by strawberry, with game notes in the air. Supple palate, shows advance in the red fruit – drink now. Mulled black fruit late on, where it curls up. Oct 2007