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The Wines

from Ribaudy on Chavanay (early 1980s Syrah), destemmed, 3 week vinification, pumping overs, 1-2 manual cap punchings, aged 1-4 year 228-litre oak casks 10-12 months, filtered, called Terres d`Encre since 2008, 6,000 b

2017 ()

quite a full red; the bouquet is on reduction, has a brewed aroma of black berry fruits, loganberry, “high” notes in the fruit. The palate has a savoury nature, dark red fruits, mulberry, with the need to fuse diverse elements. There is sound mid-palate depth, but drift towards the finish. It carries a little late acidity, can evolve in the right direction. It has an upright frame around quite full content for now, so from 2022 or so. 13°. 2030-32 Dec 2019

2015 ()

red robe with purple, mauve is bright. The nose is a classic St Jo offering from Chavanay, combines blackberry, blueberry with rose petals, peony, a low-key sweetness, also licorice. The palate debut is restrained, holds fine juice and close-knit tannins, a little spicing. It’s in a quiet moment, is tucked up. The finish is gummy, with some small berry fruit droplets. All lies ahead of it, so wait until spring 2018, and decant it. It’s a clear definition wine, a touch linear, holds quiet padding. 12.5°. Bottled November 2016. 2028-29 July 2017


medium depth red colour. The nose is smoky, reserved, has a clear centre of red berries, raspberry, a little spot of sweetness: it is cool overall. It has more to give, has notes of reduction and soil for now. The attack is dainty, tasty, gives likeable light coulis, lozenge red fruit. It is spiced, bear clear red fruit, but is a bit short. Its tannins are fine, a touch skinny. This drinks freely, isn’t complicated. 12.5°. From spring 2016. 2019-20  Dec 2015

2013 ()

red robe. The nose promises to be stylish and interesting. For now, the aroma lies low, but it breathes a subtle quality, a little nugget of cleanly stuck red fruit at its heart. There is a hover of mineral and licorice, also. The palate holds red cherry fruit with a good point of depth to it; it is compact, still crunched together. This is clear, northern zone St Jo, the fruit crystalline, the wine graceful. From mid-2016 to soften its granular finish. 12.5°. 2024-26 Apr 2015


has a red-purple colour. The bouquet is curved and comfortably deep, has red cherry and raspberry at the helm. It is all in a still rather sweet youth, lasts well, comes with no flim flam or make-up included, gives direct access. The palate is tight, lined with a nutty tannin that shapes its direction – long rather than broad. The flavour is a winning raspberry, with well accumulated detail in its later stages. It extends with a sure hand, and gives a flash of pepper on the close. The length is good. This will please purists. 12.5°. 2025-26  Apr 2015

2011 ()

bright red, purple tints. The nose features an easy roll of redcurrant jelly fruit, a note of spice and dust – it is open, evident, not especially profound, has a light herb-thyme note, isn’t a big hitter. Air darkens the fruit more, moving it towards black cherry jelly. The palate offers clean berry fruit, smudges of violet and lavender scenting, is clear and sleek, travels freely, the texture suave, polished.  It is light enough to drink solo. There are peppery late touches in its smoky blackberry – it very much shows the House red wine style via its mild, controlled elegance, is like fine bone china. It has glints of mystery, is a toothsome, chiselled wine, facile drinking here. It needs clear flavours, precise, unfussy, non-sauced cuisine. While it is a wee bit thin on the finish, I give it marks for purity and clear drinking. Very good with Provençal pork chop (herbs, garlic, lemon juice, olive oil), which amplifies the finish. 12.5°. 2020-21  March 2013


nice and pure light purple colour; forward, bold fruit on the nose, has an agreeable simplicity about it, suggests delicate small berries. The palate offers racy, fine dark fruit with notable cut and clarity, all in a low-key depth. A wine of steady purpose, with attractive freshness on the front palate – it is fine-boned and has fine acidity. “There is lots of typicity in 2010, and some of the spice-pepper side of the Syrah comes through,” Christine Vernay. 12.5°. 2024-26 Feb 2012

2009 ()

some dark tints in the robe. Floral, perfumed airs lie inside the black fruit – the aroma resembles those Pez sweets, always perfumato they were. Supple, rather rich start to palate; this keeps moving, is also scented on the finish, where it tightens with licorice influences. It is gummy there – you could decant this. Soft , charming aftertaste. 12.5°. 2018-19 July 2011.

2008 ()

discreet red; slightly square shape to the nose – it is a bit stiff, but has the potential to soften and express. Some violet in the prune, mulberry jam fruit airs. Starts quite supple on the palate, has crisp late tannins that fire it up. Flavour of plum fruits, quince touches. It ends rather stiffly for now. From late 2011. Bottled Dec 2009. 2016-17 Nov 2010

2007 ()

pretty robe – dark red, black-blue traces. Easy, lateral aroma – charming. Calm black fruits in the air. The palate offers measured fruit with light tannin touches – it lengthens well. This is tender Saint-Joseph, provides very nice, harmonious drinking, gets marks for charm and ease – confirms its w.o.w. status. Pebbly tanbnin from the ggranite towards the finish, and then a slight floral aftertaste. To 2013 or so. Nov 2009 €17 retail here- high enough. Previously Dec 2008 **(*) bright, dark cherry colour; The nose is subdued from its recent bottling – it suggests black jam, the blackberry fresh, almost liquid, and implies violet also and honey, nuts. The palate`s black fruits are nicely smooth, with a suave caress along it. It drinks well, will be a pleaser. There is good length in its fragrant, tempting fruit. From early summer 2009. w.o.w. wine, a pretty do. 12.5°. 2012-13 Dec 2008

2006 ()

bright, dark cherry robe; the black fruit in the nose is reserved: has a potential softness that it can achieve by autumn 2009, with the fruit capable of clarity and substance then. The palate holds a black berry flavour, with a little tannin lining – the tannins still very much on the premises. From late summer 2008, it can be a good, flowing drink. Taste on the one flavour or line now, and merits some age to wake it and vary it. Very correct, accessible and clean Saint-Joseph red. 2015-16 Jan 2008


matted plum robe; fragrant, red fruit-floral bouquet, shows the use of ripe crop. Easy, soft fruit start, its supple nature is appealing. Elegant fruit flavour mixes up plum and mint. Easy drinking wine. 2009-10 April 2006 Previously Dec 2005 **(*) quite ripe bouquet, with clear black fruit at its centre. Is reserved - was bottled 1 week ago. Expressive, direct fruit attack, exuberant. Can lengthen in a year or two, holds a very clear fruit-tannin structure. All about fruit is its calling card. 2012-13


(cask) smoky, cooked fruit, well-integrated bouquet, some power. Palate has richness, with frame around it. Stone fruits, overall elegant. Pebbly end, some warmth. Correct. 2012-15

2002 No Rating

(cask) gentle jam fruit aroma; light, misses a beat, bit stretched.


bouncy black fruit nose; live black fruit, pretty attack. Some end tar, tannins more settled by 2005. 2007-09


round, simple bouquet, pepper/cooked fruit. Jam-style blackcurrant fruit on palate, some spice.