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The Wines

1985-1990 Syrah from Les Peyrouses on the plain beside the Rhône, aged 5-6 year oak casks 6-8 months, 1,700-1,800 b


nice bright robe, purple-red; red cherry fruit leads the nose, but there is acetate also, a distraction, some creaminess. The palate gives a cool delivery of blue fruit, iodine notes, is expressive, rather fine. 12.5°. €11. 2023-24 Dec 2018

2014 ()

dark red robe. Has an attractive blackberry, notably blueberry aroma with a subtle air of raspberry also. This is a good bouquet, one with character. The palate has a spiced debut, with joli rolling fruit; it lengthens well, is very good in its grade, STGT wine that runs widely and well. There is lovely crunch in it. Excellent. €8 – I would pay up to €13 for this. 12.5°. Bottled early May 2015. To 2019  Dec 2015


bottled Sept 2013: sound red robe. Smoked, small berries air with a winning precision about it, its fruit clear. The palate has nerve, is clear and mineral-lined. It holds more fibre than gras in style, provides clear drinking. There is a spot of gras inside it to serve it for the future. Nothing overdone. Drink with grilled foods. From mid-2014. 12.5°. 2018-19  Dec 2013


called la Petite Cuvée 2008 this year: pale red; reticent, light fruit nose. The palate fruit is clear, runs along quietly, delivers scented red fruit jam taste on the finish, low key tannin. Drink now. Nice and simple, but vegetal signs late on. To 2011. 12.5°. Bottled spring 2009. Under 1,000 b this year. Dec 2009


bright, mid-depth red; the bouquet is live, active, rather pungent – a mix of red fruit and raisin. The palate has a raspberry fruit, ripe nature, is nice and clear, with late body. Good, clear fruit. It ends well, a bonny punch and firmness. Bottled April 2008. “Drink this within three years,” J.Despesse. To 2012. Dec 2008

2006 ()

good, full and dark red robe; has a nice even aroma of berry fruit. This is good on the palate – shows an immediate touch of fleshy black fruit, with an appealing, scented side. Is simple and easy to drink, and some late tannin adds structure. w.o.w. wine. Is a tiny bit reduced, but the fruit is tasty, and lasts. “I seek fine, supple, fresh wine,” J.Despesse. Dec 2007 €6 from the cellar.


open, live bouquet, is expressive. Very drinkable, shows nice fruit in a gummy style, length is fair. A bit sweet, but very good and only €5.50 a bottle. Great value. Dec 2004