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The Wines

80% Grenache, 17% Syrah, 3% Mourvèdre, 47% from 30-hectare Bernardine domaine (organic), 33% purchased wine, 20% purchased crop, aged 85% concrete vat, 15% large barrel 12-15 months, unfined, filtered, 140-200,000 b


(vat/barrel) attractive dark red robe; the bouquet has a neat, sweet curve of black berry fruit to the fore, the sweetness well judged, appealing. It’s very primary, not yet varied, gives just a hint of thyme, licorice. The palate holds easy flow berry fruits, plenty of juice, has a pleasing succulence that plays out well into a finish with fine grain tannins that shift the texture slightly, precisely. This is easy to like, easy to drink Châteauneuf, its fruit very gluggable – perhaps it’s a rare example of w.o.w. Châteauneuf, can be drunk young, all smooth and fruited. From mid-2021. 2041-43 Nov 2020

2018 ()

(vat/barrel) dark red; the nose has an air of blackberry lozenges, isn’t yet truly refined, comes with notes of plum, latent spicing. The palate is well juiced, sets off with abandon, gives 2018 signature enjoyable fruit, runs clearly all through. There is a gradual take-up of tannin towards its aromatic close. This is harmonious, lucid and easy, is a get on and go Châteauneuf, just a tiny bit simple. From 2021. 2038-40 Oct 2019

2017 ()

(concrete vat) dark red colour. Prune, cooked plums aroma, a note of raspberry liqueur. It’s self contained, not expansive for now. The palate bears a spiced Grenache heart, plums and a spot of raspberry liqueur. It needs time to emerge from its shell, has an authentic local feel, a good certainty in the relaxed content. The tannins are chewy, just about ripe, and they need attention. Decanting advised. 14.5°. €30.30. From spring 2021. 2039-42 Oct 2018

2016 ()

(vat/barrel) dark red robe, a rich aspect. The nose features prune fruit with a note of chocolate, has a stewed fruits nature, is a thick do. The palate moves sturdily in a deep wrapping of plum, red stone fruits, has gummy, typical 2016 vintage tannins within. The close is oily, rounded. This parades the Grenache in the front rank, is a solid, dense Châteauneuf that doesn’t have the refinement of the leaders. 14.5°. From 2020. 2039-42 Oct 2017

2014 ()

(vat/barrel) quite a shiny red robe. There is a top air of smoke, a red berry under note, a raspberry and plum presence on the nose, just a little fungal presence. The palate builds into an agreeable, fluid run of berry fruit with joli freedom of expression. The tannins add a darker dimension. This has vigour, and some southern drive, sound length. From mid 2017. 2029-30  Oct 2015 

2012 ()

(vat/barrel) dark red, black tints. The nose is interesting, combines garrigue herbs, has a flinty reserve, an air of polished leather. There is a subdued oiliness in its black fruit, some kirsch. The palate comes along stealthily, gaining strength, until a set of raw tannins and dusty grain appear near the wide finish. Very much still sorting itself out, but has a good chance to come through. The fruit is cool before its rapid shutdown. Patience the best policy. Decant this. From 2016. 200,000 b. 2029-32  Nov 2013


(vat/barrel) shiny, quite full red robe, has a good aspect. The nose is reserved – there is a rather deep air of raspberry inside, a central point of sweetness, along with mocha, coffee. There are meaty, animal notes in the palate’s cooked red fruit; it gathers a warm local outcrops glow towards the finish, a sunny drumbeat, ending on prune, tobacco. A dark style of wine, for hearty foods, comes in a traditional, genuine form. Has character, is STGT wine. There is plenty in the glass. The exit is gummy, a bit downhome. From late 2014.  2028-31  Dec 2012


(vat/barrel) dark robe ; consistent depth in the black fruit aroma, which carries smoke influences, also violet and light game. The flavour is blackberry, with bite and some power in it ; potentially high alcohol, but that is largely camouflaged by depth of content. The finish is sound – it is grounded and charry there. It moves along fully, clearly, with a lot of tannin at the end. Has a herbal-tar sign-off for now. From late 2014. 2032-34 July 2011

2009 ()

good robe – clear, bright dark red ; grounded, pebbly air here – from the garrigue. Good bundles of mixed herbs with secure, well-present red berry. Deep-seated red fruits flavour, sweetness resident in it; it moves to a full finish. The palate coverage is complete, long. Genuine Châteauneuf, has gusto. The exit is clear. Good in 2016. 14.5°. 2030-33 July 2011


evolving red plum colour, very Grenache. Gentle, considered, sweet red fruit airs, a small intrusion of game in them. The palate lacks clarity, the red fruit is gummy, needs decanting. It ends on lipsmack fruit gum and ashen notes. The nose works better than the palate. It collects stony tannins on the finish, and it ends clearly. A work in progress. Herbs such as rosemary on the aftertaste. 14°. 2023-25 July 2011

2007 ()

(vat) red with a dash of depth in it. Has a soft, red fruits aroma – red cherries – and mixes an airy aspect with something more fundamental and grounded. The palate has an interesting, tight texture and frame – there is a weave of tannin through it. The fruit is clear-cut and rolls along well. This is very Grenache in nature – there is clear, just a touch sweet red fruit. Sound persistence here. From 2011. 2027-30 Dec 2008

2006 ()

even red robe, bright notes in it. Has a supple, open red fruits nose – redcurrant jelly, with herb trimming. The palate gives out a floral, gently presented red fruit flavour, and gradually tightens as it goes. The aftertaste includes date and raisin. From 2010. 2025-27 Dec 2008


typical British Post Office Grenache red, not a dark robe. Has an even-aired bouquet – smoky, bosky with a red berry fruit interior and floral tints, too. The attack leads on soft red fruits before a note of tannin as it tightens. It finishes smoothly, all rounded. A pretty commercial, “cause no trouble” wine. The tannins leave a tarry, more darkly fruited aftertaste, with a scented flourish. Short-term wine, without great depth but pockets of appeal. It may close around 2006. 14.5°. 2020-22 Nov 2005, New York