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The Wines

sourced from Matthieu Barret at Cornas, northern limestone zone, aged 228-litre oak 18 months


quite full, dark red robe; there is a clear, limestone snap in the nose, with a mix of blackberry and blackcurrant. The palate bounces along, its fruit clear, the texture a touch wiry. The fruit continues with life all through, ending on some richness along with pepper and licorice. Jolly fruit, a get on and do wine, w.o.w. 12.5°. 2012-13 Nov 2008

2003 ()

Bright purple; peppery, spiced, full bouquet, some bosky undertones. Pretty early fruit then marked tannins. There is some finesse, but lacks comfortable middle flesh, not harmonious, rather dusty end. More stylish and better before bottling. 2013-16 July 2005 Previously (cask) *** elegant, complete fruit aroma; tight-knit dark fruit, stylish, tannins grow, fresh end. 2008 on. 2017/19.

2002 ()

a tale of a wine tasted in March and December 2004, the former savoury, refined and ***, the latter tasted twice and very dry, with plentiful acidity. If on form, the wine can show OK from 2006 and live till 2012.


full robe; varied aromas - oily, pine/damp earth/violet. Full, oily and meaty flavour, good content. Tightly-packed, quite ripe, mineral end. Esp 2007 on. 2016-19