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The Wines

60% Grenache, 10-20% Cinsault, 0-5% Carignan, 5-20% Syrah, 0-10% split Clairette blanche, Picpoul, Bourboulenc, Mourvèdre (av age 40 years) from rocky, sandy & lime soils, clay soils, hand harvested, destemmed, 4-48 hour cool maceration at 8-10°C, pressing, 10-14 day vinification at 16-20°C, pumping over, part vat emptying/refilling, vat raised 4 months, malo blocked, filtered, “drink as aperitif, pair with Mediterranean dishes, white meat, poultry, brandade (salt cod with garlic, olive oil, cream), Bouillabaisse, Oriental cuisine, all through a meal is a good option”, organic wine, 120-250,000 b


clear, appealing full pink colour; the bouquet gives a restrained, nicely channelled air of red berry fruit, the fruit really well positioned right at its centre. The palate attacks well, is seasoned with garrigue herbs, red fruits, an appealing precision that continues into its deft, stylish finish. It’s a fresh, well made Tavel, up for good fish dishes and refined cuisine. 14°. To 2022 June 2020


bright, appealing pale red robe. The nose has a southern assertion, weight, is live and rather forceful, comes with a pear drop, candy sideline. The palate is compact, butty, in on itself, with a nuggety red fruit, peach stone central flavour. It’s fresh on the close, a little bracing, overall is a little on the technical side in feel. 14°. To 2021 May 2019


classic red-tinted Tavel robe. The nose is open and free, serves strawberries with a pinpoint of freshness, a note of grapefruit-lime from that. It’s good and broad, assured. The attack is tasty, smoothly and finely textured, wells up on redcurrants with some dried herbs-thyme as it finishes. This has the implicit thickness of juice of the 2017 vintage, reaches out well, can actually show more, especially on the second half, which is a little locked up for now. It’s solid at heart. The aftertaste is aromatic, tangy, tight, a little on degree. Great with couscous, poultry, sweet spice, Asiatic dishes. 14°. 2020-21 July 2018


handsome, full pink robe that is enchanting and inviting at lunch time in the sun. This has a keen bouquet that exudes bright, even brisk red currant fruit with a note of pear drop. It spreads widely. The palate gives smoothly textured soft content with clear red berry, strawberry fruit at its heart. It takes on some darker grip as it finishes, with tang, in a decisive close. The freshness and acidity are on the button, allowing the wine to refresh and nourish. It will be ace with fish, and steamed foods, Japanese noodles and similar. It holds pinpoint fruit, and is good and long, a delightful Tavel. 14°. 120,000 b. 60% Gren, 20% Cins, 20% Syrah. €9.80 export. To 2020 May 2017


full pink, slight red robe. There is a citrus, cooked orange note on the nose, blended with red cherries, kirsch. The palate is robust, lined with a clear run of redcurrant fruits, a note of rhubarb. Good local pedigree, with a finish that has a rocky signature, which will allow it to age a little. Has an admirable freshness. Sweetly spiced dishes, lamb tajine, veal will be good for this. 14°. 150,000 b. €5 export. 2019  May 2016

2014 ()

decent pink robe. Red berries come forward on the nose, with a smoky note. The palate is tight-knit, and feels a little extracted, the fruit bearing a fruit stone quality and its consequent bitter tang. Food will help to camouflage that aspect, but it is rather abrupt. 13.5°. To mid-2016  Jun 2015


shiny, pale pink. Modern, cellar-acetate air, the bouquet is sudden, has bonbon, sweet notes, an air of burnt rubber. Hmm, not a great lift-off. The palate bears low-key fruit, lacks lift, and trundles along. It is already a bit tired, I find. The finish comes in a candy style. Modest Tavel. To mid-2014  May 2013


light-toned red, clear robe, inviting. Low-key sweetness on the nose, red berry jam, confit, has an agreeable licorice and fennel tang. Agreeable drinking on its own – it is elegant, consecutive along the palate. Little red fruits sign-off, precisely presented. New wave Tavel, well-balanced. Runs well to the finish, which is spiced. Ideal foods – grilled fish such as sea bass, soft cheese, spring rolls. w.o.w. wine. Has developed since bottling. To 2014 July 2011 Previously March 2011 ***(*) pale pink. Acetate, “steely”, baked stones nose, a bit taut. This is tasty, holds full red fruit, rocks on with vigour. The nose is holding it back. Decant this. From mid-2011. 14°. To 2013. March 2011


pale pink, with a clear top; herbal, baked cherry and strawberry aroma. There is pretty fruit on the attack – this tightens along the palate, but keeps going, shows a wee point of late burn for now. Drinks nicely as a live aperitif. Good length. Can meld together, settle its finish. 2010-11 March 2009


soft pink colour; has a rather post-fermentation nose that goes in the direction of its lees. There is latent depth in this - it is nice and big and a little yeasty, with some red cherry jam apparent. Broad, supple style of Tavel – this is best with food. There is a good moment of richness before a nutty finish, and there is also alcohol evident here. The flavour is a bit hidden, so this could be decanted and served cool. There is some sweetness in it, and the finish is assertive. To end 2009. June 2008

2006 ()

tinge of red in the pink colour; red berry, smoky, thorough bouquet. Like the bouquet, the palate is thorough by design. Full, red wine shape. Food only style of Tavel – mushroom risotto or paella, since it is dry-toned and crisp more than sweet in tone. A little burnt on the aftertaste. June 2007

2005 ()

pretty pale pink; tight-knit red fruits aroma, nice and crisp. Palate also starts crisply, bearing a redcurrant flavour, with an intense little core. Runs evenly along, and drinks well as an aperitif, too. The length is good here. I think it has developed well. The palate is quite powerful, but the flavour is well set. July 2007 Previously May 2006, London *** pretty pink. Honey in a broad aroma, with a floral top note. Very refined, elegant texture on palate, stone fruit here with a quince flavour, a little jam in the feel. Some heat. Clear finale. Especially good with salads.