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LVT 2018 r 2019 wh 2019 rosé This is a good address for nicely made Côtes du Rhône, wines of restraint, while the Vinsobres red is also unforced, pretty stylish, the 2018 a ***(*) wine. Denis Valayer took over from his uncle Georges in 2000. The family come from the truffle centre of the Southern Rhône, the village of Richerenches. The 50 hectare vineyard has been worked organically since 2009. The first bottling was in 2011. The family have two retail outlets that sell their own olive oil, truffle products and lavender. 10 hectares of Vinsobres were added in 2017. Their cousin is Hubert Valayer who used to run Domaine de Deurre at Vinsobres, and now has a truffle-based shop in Nyons.

Denis & Cathy Valayer 2 place de l’Église 84600 Richerenches

Tel: +33(0)490 41 79 29