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LVT 2019 rosé 2016 r  This is a good, understated, very regular quality domaine. Les Amandines has been good recently. Cyril started in 2005; Gaston, his grandfather, was a viticulteur, and his parents held the vineyards of over 20 hectares between Tavel (15 ha) and Lirac (6 ha). These were split between six children. His uncle worked the vineyards, and left the Cave de Tavel in 2005.

The 2016 Tavel Les Gourmandines was a very true, STGT **** wine, the 2017 a cracking **** wine. I slightly preferred the Tavel Amandines in 2018, which was a **** live, stylish wine. In 2019, the **** Amandines was also a notch ahead of the Gourmandines - a fuller and more complete wine. The 2016 Lirac Hommage red was an imposing **** wine that will live well thanks to its Mourvèdre.

Cyril Amido, Nathalie, daughter Amandine Patinet Le Palais Nord BP 27 30126 Tavel

Tel: +33(0)466 50 04 41



Countries exported to:1) USA 2) Belgium 3) Switzerland 4) Germany

Percentage Exported: 20%

USA Importers: Charles Neal Selections PO Box 210775 CA 94121 +1415 225 5144 www.charlesnealselections.com inquiry@charlesnealselections.com