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LVT 2011 r Recent move into the Rhône is centred on the low profile Gardois appellation of Saint-Gervais, where Domaine Sainte-Anne is the clear flag bearer, while the Co-operative has trundled along for many years. This will give the appellation a kick in the pants.

128 Co-operateurs founded France’s first Co-operative at Maraussan in 1901, the motto all for each one, each one for all symbolising the needs of those days, which saw large riots 10 years later as growers were squeezed by poor sales. There are now 1,200 members, and this is big wine business at work - as they proclaim - “7,000 hectares of vineyards over an arc of 600 kilometres.” Their base is Languedoc, where Minervois, Saint-Chinian, Corbières are some of their mainstay wines. Big on marketing and management speak at times.

Michel Bataille Domaine de Corneille 11290 Arzens

Tel: +33(0)468 76 21 68



British Importers: Redsley Wine Cellars (St Gerv Ricoune), The City Beverage Company +44(0)207 729 2111 www.citybeverage.co.uk , The Vintner +22(0)207 352 4083 www.thevintner.com , Herrings Wine (St Gerv Rés du Crouzau), Nectar Imports (St Gerv Rouvières)

USA Importers: Marchetti Scoperta Imports OH 44118-1732 +1216 321 4162 www.tmarchettico.com (St Gerv Rés du Crouzau), Spec’s Fine Wine & Spirits Houston TX +1713 526 8787 www.specsonline.com (St Gerv Rouvières)