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The Wines

1999 ()

fine nose, floral trim to it, is elegant but also has reserves of depth. Elegant trail of prune and plum fruit along the palate. Good length, good wine. A$20.99 Oct 2009

1998 ()

advancing red. Baked, toffee, scorched notes, touch of mould on bouquet. Dense, peppery, jam prune, floral end, is oxidative. Oct 2009

1997 ()

clear, maturing robe. Baked fruit aroma, compact, quite sweet, shows raisin. Rather yeasty, full, flat palate. Oct 2009


pale notes in the red robe. Peppery, capsicum, alert, live bouquet. Good little roundness on palate that straightens after half way., ends on white pepper. Fine, alert, true wine. Oct 2009