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The Wines

35-45% Marsanne (1970s-1980s, Roquemaure, splintered limestone with clay/sand), 0-20% Viognier (1970s-1980s), 20% Grenache blanc (St Geniès-de-Comolas, galet stone soils), 10-35% Clairette blanche (1970s-1980s, St Geniès-de-Comolas, galet stone soils), 5-10% Picpoul (1970s-1980s, Roquemaure, splintered limestone with clay/sand), (before early 2010s no Grenache blanc - was 30-40% Viognier (1995), 30-45% Marsanne (1993), 10% Clairette, 10% Picpoul, 10% Bourboulenc, all co-fermented), hand harvested, fermented 1-8 year 228-litre oak casks, raised in casks on fine lees 7 months, raising cut back from 18 months until mid-2000s, malo blocked, filtered, until mid-2015s was Côtes du Rhône, “drink with bouillabaisse, guinea fowl prepared in honey, tiger prawn risotto with saffron”, 10-12,000 b


shiny yellow robe; the bouquet is under wraps, potentially stylish, shows oak toasting, brioche baked bread and a low-key infused tea with apricot air. The palate has a spiced opening, with tangy flavour, crushed peach, herbal notes towards the oaked finish. Its subtleties appeal, an accumulation of nuances forming its palate. It’s not yet come together into a whole, is still making its way, so allow until mid-2021. Decanting helpful. 13.5°. 10,000 b. 40% Mars, 35% Clairette, 20% Gren bl, 5% Picpoul, so no Viognier this year. €15 at the Château. 2024-25 Oct 2020

2018 ()

(casks) yellow robe, a little cloudy. The bouquet gives an expressive, grapey aroma, a touch of melon, white strawberry, smoke present. The palate leads on tropical fruit flavours, mango, papaya, comes with a suave elegance of delivery. It finishes well, with precision and clarity, the texture satisfying. This is pedigree Lirac blanc, has much to recommend it - its finesse is notable in the context of the summer. Decanting helpful. 13.5°. 2027-29 May 2019


shiny yellow. Bim bam – a serving of exotic fruits appears on the nose, guava, mango, pineapple chunks, vanilla pod. There’s a viscous, oily quality to it. The palate is suavely coated, bears a white fruits flavour, includes banana, with nutty paste moments before the finish, which has rounded weight. There is a natural grapiness within, and it shows a touch of tannin in its closing grip. It’s not yet on the go – leave until spring 2019, and decant. It’s a tiny bit low acidity, but will live on its understated fat. It’s a gentle, aromatic Lirac blanc. 13°. 10,000 b. 40% Mars, 35% Clairette, 20% Gren bl, 5% Picpoul this year. €6.80 export. 2024-25 Sept 2018


clear yellow robe. Has an elegant nose on lime and pear, greengage plum, a drift of apricot, fennel-aniseed. This bears enjoyable, suave, stylish richness, a lovely texture, all a pleasure. Its round, vinous content with mild oaking works well. This holds good body, enough for sauced white meats, full flavoured dishes. It lengthens well, the juice fine. It is lucid, attractive, clearly defined wine that is delightfully mineral. 13°. Marsanne, Clair, Gren bl, Picpoul. 2022-23 Sept 2017

2015 ()

(casks) yellow colour. The nose shows the summer ripeness via an air of barley sugar, also apricot juice, lime. The palate stands up well, and also shows some of the vintage strength. Peach and nectarine feature, and there is good grip, allowing a measured, not overheated, finish. This can develop. 13°. 2020-21  Feb 2016 


yellow, very light gold. The nose gives an air of jellied fruit, guava and white peach, a note of fennel. It presents a charming start. The palate expresses white stone fruits with an aromatic, slightly rose-hip leaning. There is fine acidity on the finish. Drinks well now - aperitif is a good option. Small trace of oak on the finish. 35% Mars, 20% Gren bl, 20% Vio, 15% Clairette, 10% Picpoul this year. To 2018  Jun 2015

2012 ()

mid-depth yellow. Pear, wax, agreeable depth in the nose, along with toast, licorice – the bouquet is wide and prominent, presents itself well. Has a note of acacia flowers. The palate is scented thanks to a rose-violet influence in a white peach, apricot flavour. The shape is bonny, the length very good, has quiet class. It runs well to the line, with lavender, aromatic, interesting touches. This should be popular with drinkers. €12.50 at the cellars. 13°. To 2018  Bottled March 2013, and improving as it settles. May 2013  Previously April 2013 *** minor yellow colour, apricot notes, a robe that suggests oak, which duly appears in toasted form on the nose, has a honey and wax combination, with an aroma of white stone fruits. The palate is pear-Viognier marked, its fat driving the show until it tones down, and the oak regains ground. Leave for three months until July 2013, and decant. This can improve. 13°. 2015-16. 40% Vio, 30% Mars, 10% each Clair, Picp, Bourb this year.  April 2013


fine, pale robe; has a discreet, close-knit bouquet – airs of flowers and soft fruit, is elegant. The palate is attractive, with a simmer of acidity and an oak touch on the end. Carefully made, a small domaine wine, no doubt, that is nice and together, has fine length. The finish is toasted. Marks for its style, all subtlety, no Show Biz. 45% Marsanne, 35% Vio, 10% Clairette, 10% P and B this year. 13.5°. To 2016. April 2012


pale, clear yellow. Rather fat, sunny white white fruit and flan aroma that is seasoned by smoky fennel-aniseed influences. The palate has grip, the debut is tight. It lengthens steadily, is a structured wine that can live, evolve. There is fine fruit within, the length reaches put. Interesting. From spring 2012. 2019-21. Bottled two days ago. March 2011


bright robe; fine, floral nose – shows pear eau de vie almost, also fruit tart. The palate starts with a full flourish – this has a red wine frame and solid sides. White jam, greengage on the finish. A big wine for food, not the aperitif. Asiatic foods suited. To 2015. June 2010

2008 ()

bright, pale yellow with glints in it. Spiced, saffron, curry powder set of mixed aromas – attractive and interesting. The palate sets off directly, runs that way while gaining heat and warmth. Ends on a firm but also juiced note, has fine late tannins. Good with fatty fish such as salmon, or a bouillabaisse. To 2016-18. June 2010

2007 ()

nice full yellow; aromatic bouquet – pear, baked apple, high tone – it sits comfortably in the glass. Pretty, assured fruit at an evolving stage now – there is lots of fat, and it runs on well, leading to a peach aftertaste. Nice and complete wine, food is best given its fat, rather confected nature. To 2015 or so. April 2008


pear, slight high tone nose, greengage fruit. Rich palate, with moderated white stone fruit. By the end, the impression is a little pumped up, and the oak on the finish intrudes. Sound matter otherwise. Needs more focus. March 2007


medium yellow; baked apple, pear, a little oak along with bonbon candy, some brine in the nose. The palate has a mixed fruits flavour – apricot, pear, pineapple, the finale oaked – the oak actually helps it to stand up. Quiet poise in this – it becomes more creamy on the end after warming up. Pleasant wine, better suited to food rather than aperitif. 40% Vio, 30% Marsanne, 15% Clair, 15% Bourboul this year. 13°. To 2010 Sept 2008