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LVT 2018 r 2018 wh  One of the better names at Lirac, with good packing in the half Syrah, half Grenache red. The estate changed ownership and generation in 2017, having been run by Christophe Valat, the half brother of long-term family owner Robert Fuget, who also owned Château Saint-Maurice at Laudun.

Saskia and Maurice are both ex-lawyers who used to live and work in Luxembourg. He is Alsacien, Saskia’s mum is Dutch, and lived in Roquemaure, with a small holding at Château Boucarut. In 2017 vineyards that historically formed part of Boucarut were put up for sale, and the two lawyers took their chance to buy them and convert the vineyards to organic. It’s an old property with a chapel, dating from 1758. Concerts have been held there for the past 20 years, while the Château has been restored. There are now 19 hectares, mainly Lirac. Beyond the Lirac, there is a Coteaux du Pont de Gard, along with an IGP Pays d’Oc.

The vineyard is on the sandy soils near Antoine Verda's old, reputed vineyard. The 2017 Lirac Lucas blanc was a soft, rounded ***(*) wine, while the 2017 Lirac Olympe rosé was Tavel-esque, a good dining **** wine. The first vintage of the Lirac red Ulysse was a **** wine of character, highly commendable for a first go. The Lirac Marius 2018 red was an elegant, tinkly, clear ***(*) wine, a good result from a tricky vintage

Saskia & Maurice Leal Keijzer Leal BP 76 chemin du Coquillon 30150 Roquemaure

Tel: +33(0)4 66 82 88 92



Countries exported to:1) Denmark 2) Quebec 3) USA 4) Belgium 5) Germany

Percentage Exported: 60%

British Importers: N/R

USA Importers: Valkyrie Selections www.valkyrieselections.com Vintage Capital Wine, Stamford, CT 06902, +1 203 969 3009, info@vintagecapitalwine.com