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The Wines

90% 1920s-1950s Serine (massale Syrah), 10% clone Syrah, 67% from Patou, 33% from Les Eygats (included Serine from La Sabarotte before 2009), 33% destemmed, 2-3 week vinification, pumping overs, some cap punching, aged new & 1-year 228-litre Allier & Tronçais oak casks 12 months, then large 22.5 hl oak barrel 12 months (2009-2012 aged 50% new, 50% 1-year 228-litre oak casks 24 months, 2003-2009 aged new oak 15 months, then 1-2 year oak 9 months, 1994-2003 aged new Tronçais oak casks 24 months), unfined, unfiltered, first sole supplier in 1994 was Noël Verset, thereafter N Verset & Robert Michel until 2006, until early 2010s 2,400 b, now 1,500-1,800 b


(bottling end Sept 2016) very deep, lustrous robe. Pine airs, real wide depth show in a striking bouquet that carries a bright richness of black berries, classy qualities of fruit. It is a major bouquet. This is stop and think wine: it is bold and fulfilling, holds a lot of mighty juice, with small black berries, cassis and blueberry and their cool notes through the palate. This is vital and deep Cornas with extreme persistence, founded on the granite, its feet on the ground. A mighty Cornas, indeed. “It has flesh and profound depth,” Michel Tardieu. 13.5°. From 2019. 2037-39  July 2016

2012 No Rating



(casks) dark, shiny red. Large scale nose, just initiating its route; it holds deep-seated black fruiting, meat or beef stock, has a roasted air in a good, sturdy frame: a broad, muscular, striking debut. The palate is full and promising, has ripples of black fruit, good carry – it is a complete Cornas with fruit and tannin both ripe and evident. Its heart beats powerfully, and its length is sustained. The aftertaste involves plenty of gummy flavour, lip smack intent. From 2015 or so. Major Cornas 2011. 2028-31  Nov 2012


(casks) dark robe, full, legs, shine. Smoked, oaked, “high” nose, varnish airs in front of its ripe black fruit berry air, pockets of meat stock which provide a grounding to it. The palate is flexible, juiced and drinkable now, the fruit willing, the wine bearing the 2010 harmony. It shows exuberance today, the fruit is really tasty, the tannins ripe and delivering a round, secure tar border to the fruit. Pine infusion, varnish notes linger around the palate; air brings out is oak fencing and its assertion. Good core richness in this wine, which is well-balanced. Could well tighten and toughen a little. From 2014. 2026-28 Nov 2011

2005 ()

this is the last vintage with wine from Noël Verset in it: 50% Noël Verset & 50% Robert Michel, and is one of the last bottles in Michel’s cellar: dark red robe, with a slight ruby top rim. The bouquet is still deep, good and stable, gives an air of soaked black stone fruits, leather and a gentle floral, violet dab, with bacon and prune. It has lovely fresh appeal. The palate holds suave gras richness, comes with a silken texture, cooked damson plums with tangy moments, a near zest of orange in the wine (that comes from La Genale,” Michel Tardieu. There are oak moments on the finish still. The new oak raising shows on the second half notably. Its texture is suave, lissom from the Noël Verset la Sabarotte. This has very good heart. “Noël’s wine brought the finesse, Robert’s wine brought the robust content. It is very, very young, and wasn’t made on the same cellar raising as today – it was nearly 30 months in new oak casks. Under our current raising, the finish would be more gummy, textured,” Michel Tardieu. 13°. 2033-35 July 2016


(cask) black, coated robe. Dark, tarry nose, rather narrow and brooding, smoky from its oak. Very good bounce of fruit out of the starting gate. Excellent core to the fruit, holds a genuine middle zone style with its underlying warmth. The fruit has been done with a light touch. Cornas at its elegant best, is broad and savoury towards the finish. Very beau. From 2009. 2023-26 April 2006

2002 No Rating



open, raspberry nose, smoked; red berry flavour, wide, tasty. Very live, has sinew; chewy, tarry end. Potential. 2007 on. 2024-26


Bottle in Dec 2008 – corked. Previously **(*) brewed, fungal, peppery black fruit aroma; upright, with oily middle. Pine/cedar. Sleek fruit, firm oak-aided tannins. Bit forced. 2006 on. 2021-23


from La Sabarotte, in the southern part of the vineyard. dark; very intense bouquet. Earthy tones prevail over fruit. Excellent attack, nicely weighted wine with length. Has structure and class. 2024-27

1997 ()

has a sappy bouquet, which is fat and round and a touch sweet. This is really intense on the palate, here comes the grip. Has a lot of nearly volatile Cornas attributes, the peppy dark fruit just a little lively on the end. Big, warm wine, but doesn´t have a lot of flesh. 2019-21.