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The Wines

Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Carignan (taken out in 2012, more Mourvèdre replacing it), plus Marselan, Caladoc, 67% the new vintage’s wine raised in vat, 33% from previous vintage with 12 months ageing in large barrel, filtered, 6,500-17,000 b

NV (2017 mainly) ()

(tank, 67% 2017, 1/3 of previous blend) dark red, nice fullness in it. Blackberry, mixed black fruits airs, damson plums with sultry notes show on the nose - quite a ripe style, a musky floral presence. The palate gives a good delivery of bright, brambly fruit, serves a good, full glass, life and brio, springy tannins. 16,500 b. 2026-28 Oct 2018

NV (2015 mainly) ()

(67% 2015, 33% the last wine’s blend) dark robe. Reduction shows on the nose, which holds quite opulent, plump but free black fruits with licorice swinging along. There is appealing verve on the palate, gives bright fruit with good heart, is well sustained, hands out a stretch of live fruit. This is way above its station. There is lots of zap in the fruit, and it’s a bingo wine for the CHR restaurant and bistrot trade, such as Vincen’t brother-in-law Bill in Ireland. There is still a bit of late tannin. From mid-2017. €10 at the cellars, VALUE. 17,000 b. Bottled end Jan 2016. 2024-25 Oct 2016

NV (2014 mainly) ()

(67% 2014, 33% 2013) red robe. Raspberry fruit, cjerry feature in a live, peppered nose. The palate presents a fresh, clear red fruit with life and length.There’s attractive little juice at its centre. It moves into a firm close – darkness there, crispness. It gives good, direct drinking with dentelle or toothsome, precise qualities. It could be softer on the finish from spring 2016. 13.5°. €9.50 at the cellars. Bottled Jan 2015. 17,000 b. 2022-23 Oct 2015

NV (2012 mainly)

bottled end Jan 2013: nice full red; solid, square shape to the nose, a mix of caramel and prune fruit, licorice. The nose has good depth, and gives a steady display. The palate is good: it bears bright black fruit with good body, has tannic support, runs truly, with freshness and a coffee-style influence on the finish. Good for la table over solo drinking. The tannins are just a bit dry, but can even out, and there is a note of black pepper on the aftertaste. Decant this. 13.5°. €9 at the cellars. 2020-21  Nov 2013

NV (2011 mainly)

(67% 2011, 33% 2010-09) bottled Jan 2012: bright red. Vigorous, blackberry, licorice, tar airs with a softer note of crème de menthe inside, and some pine cone. The palate carries playful fruit, with lots of life and a good sweep along its length. Has bright acidity, and good lift. A Go-Go wine. Ends on tar and licorice. 2018-19  Dec 2012

NV (2010 mainly) ()

good, full robe. Has a wide, rather impressive bouquet -  aromas of prune, black leather, violet, smoke and coffee. The palate has a good bite and a friendly pocket of gras richness, a real sweet spot, and ends on the up, very freshly with a mineral cut. There is a small tang of late oak. It is nice and broad, has a certain rigour and structure, is a wine for la table. From mid-2012. €9 retail at the cellars. Bottled end Jan 2011. 2019-21  Dec 2011

NV (2009 mainly)

solid red robe; has a wide, reach-out, sturdy natured bouquet – raisin evident. Plenty of fire in its belly – it is on its oak-tannins for now, ends firmly. Sound depth, is steely now. From mid-2012. Ends on charcoal. 13.8°. Bottled Feb 2010. 2016-17 Oct 2010

NV (2007 mainly)

bright dark red; has a clean-cut bouquet – smoky, licorice, with stuffing in it – a serious do. The palate flows easily, has tannins around it. This is good – has a lot of true fruit and makes for clear drinking, with the important weight that a food wine should have. The length is good. To 2015. At €8 tax included, it is real good value. 67% 2007, 33% 2006. Nov 2008