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LVT 2016 r 2015 wh Sadly the founder of the domaine in 1990, Louis Clerc, died in April, 2007. This is a traditional domaine, and now his son Martin, born in 1991, is becoming actively involved, helped by his mother. The crop was sold to merchants until 2003. There are some STGT characteristics: these are warmly textured, southern sector wines that can be a little light. I was delighted to taste the **** 2016 Côte-Rôtie that was tasty and natural. There was good Condrieu in 2013, 2014 and 2015 - much improved. Martin spent five months working in Australia during 2015. Jean-Michel Stéphan, hard core, talented natural methods grower, is his father’s nephew. Jean-Paul Brun of Beaujolais fame is giving Martin advice.

Madame Clerc & son Martin 1639-1658 route de Gerbey 38121 Chonas L'Amballan

Tel: +33(0)474 56 31 64



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