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LVT 2020 rosé 2018 r This is a good, understated, very regular quality domaine. Les Amandines has been good recently. Cyril started in 2005; Gaston, his grandfather, was a viticulteur, and his parents held the vineyards of over 15 hectares between Tavel (11 ha) and Lirac (5 ha). The domaine is now HVE registered - Haute Valeur Environnementale, a green credential.

The 2016 Tavel Les Gourmandines was a very true, STGT **** wine, the 2017 a cracking **** wine. I slightly preferred the Tavel Amandines in 2018, which was a **** live, stylish wine. In 2019, the **** Amandines was also a notch ahead of the Gourmandines - a fuller and more complete wine, while the **** Amandines was comfortably better than the *** Gourmandines in the fluid vintage of 2020. The 2016 Lirac Hommage - the special cuvée red - was an imposing **** wine that will live well thanks to its Mourvèdre.

Cyril Amido, Nathalie, daughter Amandine Patinet Le Palais Nord BP 27 30126 Tavel

Tel: +33(0)466 50 04 41



Countries exported to:1) USA 2) Belgium 3) Switzerland 4) Germany

Percentage Exported: 20%

USA Importers: Charles Neal Selections PO Box 210775 CA 94121 +1415 225 5144 www.charlesnealselections.com inquiry@charlesnealselections.com